Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Pop Quiz: Train A or Train B

Pop Quiz: If the door of Train A is closing at 65 mph as girl #1 exits and girl #2 attempts to not be crushed in the door...how long do you think it will take for girl #2 to get home without directions or a cell phone?

Answer: sruoh 2/1 1 tuoba

If you couldn't read that backwards, it said "about 1 1/2 hours"...

*insert rewind noise here*

Sunday, Jamee and I endured another rough day of apartment searching (in the rain might I add) and simply wanted to get back to our friend's place for a little relaxation. Of course, with all of the google-mapping, talking, and texting that went on throughout the day on my iphone, that horrid red bar appeared...which means "your phone will die even if someone even thinks about using it." We walked down to the train station...and of course my phone died. So, as we boarded the train, we realized we (or let's say Bambi and Heidi) were on the wrong train (surprise surprise)! As, the train was about to take off, Jamee looked at me and said "Should we get off?!?" My quick reply was "Yes!" As Jamee JUMPS off the train...the door immediately closes behind her. Really I'm surprised it didn't catch her shirt! Anywho, she then turns around to look for me. Instead she sees me, helplessly smiling at her from the CLOSED train door, her mouth drops. The only thing we could do was wave goodbye.

O-M-G...this was my 1st time on a train in NYC by myself....which wouldn't have been too bad...IF I had a phone. You see...I rely on my phone for everything. To wake up in the morning. To call my friends and family (I have NO numbers memorized since the invention of the cell phone). I even have a reminder in my phone to change my contacts and take my vitamins!! *iPhone withdrawal*.  Not to mention, I had our entire apartment deposit in my purse...and I usually hardly have no more than $10 in my pocket *debit card addict* (I know, all 3 are bad). Anywho, I get off at the next stop hoping to immediately get back on to meet up with my long lost friend...#FAIL. The next train heading back did not come for another 15-20 minutes. So I stood there, waiting...ipod going...purse under Obama Secret Service-like security. I'm thinking "I can't owe these chicks money." Lol.

Finally, when I get back to our original stop...I realize something completely horrible...utterly wretched.......................................................we were on the right train in the 1st place. *insert red pissed face here* Lol. Let me share my learning: If your desired stop is not within the next 10 stops, it will rotate between stops 11-30 something.

Eventually, I make it back to Roosevelt Island (where our friend stays) and head back to the apt (after spending $16 on peanut butter, jelly, and rice. lol). I finally get up to the apt (after waiting 2 minutes downstairs in the rain for someone to open the outside door)...and am greeted by a worried mother hen...not my real mama...but Jamee J. Lol. She tells me how worried she was bc she knew I didn't have a phone....I mean...could she have been that worried?!? This chick was at home chillin on the couch...NOT in the rain!!! She didn't even call the police!!!! LOL...naw...I'm just kidding! *Hugs*

But I DID IT! I made it home in one piece! All by myself! I'm a big girl now!! :P #Dontjudgeme

All in one piece in NYC (Dani)

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  1. D, we need to invest in a second cell battery to keep in the purse.

    Big Bro the R