Monday, August 9, 2010

The NY Newbie Experience-Day 2

Before the big day, I felt like I was at the middle of the hill of a rollercoaster…it was as if my stomach was getting tight preparing for the drop!! All of the months of talking and planning were about to spring into action really quickly…I asked myself “Are we ready?” Probably not. But you can never be ready for this kind of adventure…ya undastand (in my Juvenile voice).

We got to NYC with tons of excitement and little to no sleep!! We’d both spent the previous night getting in our last kicks with the homies!! But sleep deprivation did not bother us at all…WE’RE IN NYC!!! FINALLY!! We’ve learned and experienced so much in the past 2 days:

~It’s ok to ask the natives…all NYers aren’t ridiculously mean!

Native NYers have actually been pretty helpful! Maybe they see the “deer in headlights” looks on our faces? Lol. Naw, just kidding…we’ve been trying to walk around like we’ve been here for years. Right off the plane, we had planned on taking the Super Shuttle from the airport…but someone suggested a cab. You’re probably thinking “but cabs are expensive”…but the Super Shuttle would have cost us $76….our taxi ride was $16. Lol. *wipes brow*
And, we walked in a pizzeria to buy water…and walked out with 5 HUGE slices of pizza…FOR FREE!
They’ve also been ok about helping with directions when we’ve been lost.

~You might wanna go the right direction on the subway!

We can’t tell you how many times we’ve gotten lost so far. It’s not cool to go 10, 12 stops before realizing you’re going the wrong way!!! Lol. We’ve missed appointments because we’ve been lost. I, for one, am missing my Toyota Camry at this point in time. Lol. But you know what…you can always learn through trial and error. Public transportation will NOT defeat us!!

~The boogie man really exists…or at least the BOO BOO man!

Sooo….on one of our subway excursions, we saw a homeless man with a limp asking for money at the front of the train. No big deal…not abnormal. We then started to notice passengers getting up and moving to the back of the train…or even switching trains all together!! Then, we figured out why as the man came closer to us. This man had used the bathroom on himself…and I mean for real for real…like #2!!!! O-M-G! I never in my life want to SEE or SMELL another adult. Really…you should never have boo boo running down your leg. Like for real. Lol.

~Everything is expensive (yeah we knew)…but now we know its HELLA expensive!!

Frosted flakes should never be $5.18. And a Schick intuition razor should never be $14.99. PERIOD. No more cereal for me. My diet shall now consist of fruit and noodles…3 for $4 mangoes on the corner. Lol. *JK…don’t worry Mom*

My question to any NYers out there…WHERE DO YOU GO GROCERY SHOPPING?!?!?

~You absolutely MUST have a phone with Apps or the internet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We absolutely relied on google maps and hop stop to get around. Without it…public transportation death! Lol. The really horrible thing for me was not having my iPhone. It suddenly died shortly after we arrived on Saturday! So I was without a phone for almost 2 days until I went to the Apple store and exchanged it. During this period I truly went through iPhone withdrawal!!! Shivers…headaches…night sweats…seriously! I had so many apps that I NEEDED!! Never again…can I go without my phone. Lol.

I know I’m leaving out a lot…but so much has happened over the past few days, that my mind can’t even process everything! And I know this blog post seems kinda long…but the ones in the future will be a little more brief and entertaining! Make sure you come back and check out our CONCRETE JUNGLE CHRONICLES!

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