Monday, August 9, 2010

New to New York

Well well well where should I start! Deciding to leave life as I once knew it to pursue my hopes and dreams has led me to…....well in order to take you to where im going let me start with where I've been:

*insert tape rewind noise here*
Sometime in 09 I made the decision that 2010 would be the year I actually “DID IT”. That’s right pack up everything I owned, quit my “corporate America” job and head to the city that never sleeps (somebody slip me an Ambien)
Ok that’s a brief enough synopsis

*insert fast forward noise here*
August 7th 2010:
Arrived to the airport at 6:30 am with a bag 19 pounds over weight and paying $80 bucks to check it. Talk about P.O’d. Mind you, I had officially been up for 22 hours, after spending an awesome night with friends and family.
Sleep deprived and pissed about spending $80 bucks, I began to think I was having hallucinations when I looked over to what appeared to be music artist B.o.B on my flight! Turns out my eyes weren’t playing tricks on me and it was actually him.

August 8th 2010:
Official first full day in the city and let me start out by saying track did and still does a body g-o-double-d! I swear I walked 297593925989839 miles in one day with the hopes of finding that perfect apartment. Talk about wasting no time huh? The most valuable lessoned learned this day is that we can never leave the house less than 2 hours ahead of time. (yes 2 WHOLE hours). Picture riding the train the WRONG way for 13 stops, convo between Dani and I goes something like this, “How did we suddenly turn the wrong way? I mean we didn’t feel the train make an about face did we?” Moral to the story is that the light bulbs turn off once a stop has been reached NOT light up. (If you’re an NY’er you know what I’m talking about) OMG how could I forget the most prominent detail to this day?!?! Well as you may have read in my counter parts post the Boo-Boo man really does exists! I had never seen such craziness or smelt such foolishness in my life. This poor homeless guy was parading up and down the train drunk with a full load. “Welcome to New York” a lady tells us as she exits the train.

I could be here all day recanting the actions of our last 72 hours but this post is getting long and I’m getting hot (who knew the heat would follow me all the way from Texas). Stay tuned as we make our way and take on the concrete jungle!!

Jamee J.

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  1. Do yo Thang Ladies!!
    So proud of you guys for pursuing exactly what it is you love..Always be pationate and stay true to self:) Love the way you move..literally! The Pack it up and Just go strategy seems to be kicking off to a great start! Would love to visit you guys..take care up there in the CITY!!!