Saturday, August 20, 2011

Behind the Scenes of M2bF!

Hey ladies and gents! So remember when Dani and I first mentioned the whole idea about us starting a tee-shirt line??? Well its finally here!!! Yep, that's right Meant 2b Famous is now available for the entire world to see! I feel like so much has been coming together as of late. The line, my new job, me actually liking my new job, and just having a good outlook on things--well Im such an optimist so a good outlook is something I try and always have. I tend to see the glass half full rather than half empty. Although sometimes I get frustrated and stress when things aren't going how I think they should. I quickly snap back and think about how much I have to be grateful for. (sorry I went on that tangent !) But yea back to the coming together of things….. The tee-shirt line as I've mentioned is here and I feel like a proud pappy!  I won't spill all the beans here you will have to check it out for yourself cause yes, its just that amazing! 
(  GO NOW!)

I also mentioned that I started a new job .. 2wks into it and, I love it! I can't discuss too much in fears that "the man" will some some how get ahold of this and I get in trouble for breach of contract. Ok its not that serious, but I do constantly get told by my boss that "we work with confidential matters so you must be discreet" Sounds like I really do something important huh….trust me its not but I will say its in the fabulous world of Fashion! Overall I'm excited about the networking opportunities and the new  experiences I will gain from this new chapter in my life. Lets see what else…. I try not to make these posts so long so you don't feel like you're reading a novel so with that said, I guess I'll end here… Just wanted to give you guys a quick update and say heyyyyy! 

P.s here are some behind the scene shots for your viewing pleasure :)

 Us girls and  Aaron the friend/photographer/author! 
 I don't know why but I adore this pic, Dani's face is priceless!
 No Im not fixing the girls.....Fixing the shirt.
 Lawd thank goodness for Lenore and the last bit of leg muscle I have left from years of running. This pose almost got the best of me :-s looks easy but I had a sliver to sit on and basically had to hold myself up
 If you check out the site you'd know the significance of "No Parking" and how this spot was a perfect shot!
 Are you M2bF huh huh huh????
 Candid's are always the best :)
 So yea these clearly aren't behind the scence pics... well more like behind the scenes of me getting new tattoos... 2 of my favs on my last trip home! 
Here is one of my newbies :) Do you see it?  lol

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Get me back to Utica!!

Hey guys! As you know, Jamee and I live in Brooklyn...Bed Stuy to be exact. But if you've ever noticed from our posts we NEVER talk about doing anything in BK. So now we're trying!

Recently we went to a cookout in CROWN HEIGHTS (Brooklyn). After that experience...I will try my hardest to NEVER go to there again!! LOL. I know you can't judge an entire neighborhood by a few streets...a few blocks...idk...maybe you can. We did quite a bit of walking over there and it all seemed bad to me! Lol. Sorry if I offend anyone who lives there...but lemme tell ya'll what happened

When we get off the train, we're greeted by a local man trying desperately to get Jamee's attention.

Him: "Ay! I like those white shorts!"
Her: "Thanks"
Him: "Yeah I like dem white shorts!"
Him: "I like dem white shorts!"
Him: "Ay white shorts! white shorts!"
*Please note he kept going on and on...sometimes you just have to keep walking and not look back*

Just let us make it to the cookout...

We kept walking and we both suddenly felt a sense of fear as we walked through the at any point in time somebody might jump out of a monte carlo or charger and snatch us up. After being slightly lost, we finally make it to the cookout...which was cool. Some of my favorite quotes from the night:

"If you not from New York, you might as well be dead"
"Yo...lemme get that C-roc...nah it ain't Ciroc...I call it C-roc" *blank stare*
"Tell her I think she's ugly" (An 8 year old girl didn't find us attractive)

Lying for no real reason at all...

We were so tired (after our boxing bootcamp earlier in the day-more details another day) that we (or mostly I) made up a lie about needing to leave because our roommate and her niece (Hey Saba!) were locked out. I even did a little acting with a fake phone conversation. Lol. Ya'll..don't judge...I was really tired and these guys wanted to hang out longer...and the uncle was trying to get my number. I just wasn't in the mood!!! LOL.

After leaving the cookout drained and not ready to endure the scariness of the neighborhood, we finally set on our journey. As we approach Fulton St, we were taken aback by a police barricade, ambulances, and a group of onlookers. We learned that there had just been a shooting. At this point, we were completely OVER our experience in Crown Heights.

Me: "Please...let's just hurry up and get back to Utica"
Jamee: "I know...I would've never thought I wanted to be back at Utica"
Keep in mind, we always talk about how bad Utica is...and how we want to move. But on this night...we couldn't wait to get back! Lol.

In the train station in CH we had to wait with a family of subway rats ON THE PLATFORM!!! I was completely disgusted. Ok...yeah...rats in NY is not uncommon...but rats ON THE PLATFORM is not common (at least not for me).

When we finally get back to Utica...we were drained of all life and energy and desperately wanting to get home. So much in fact...that we decided to RUN DOWN MALCOLM X!!!! We did not care! People were looking at us like we were crazy...BUT WE DID NOT CARE! When we finally decided to slow down a guy randomly asked us if we were twins!! Now...ya'll have seen us. We look nothing alike! And of course there were the normal crazies bothering us...but all of this was better than being in Crown Heights. Lol

Friday, July 15, 2011

Its getting HOT in herre!

Hey kiddies! It’s me, you know the other blogger on this blog.. Jamee! So much to discuss so little time so let’s get to it! So summer is here and yall already know what that means; short skirts and booty shorts! Ok I'm lying, I wear neither of the two, but summer is here and I'm loving every minute of it. However, for some reason I feel like it’s already over. Is it just me, or does it seem like time just flies with the blink of an eye! It used to be that a year went by sooo slow, but now you wake up to January 1st then go to sleep its December 31st all over again sheesh. Any who here is a quick recap of the happenin's as of late:

-Yours Truly celebrated my 25th bday!!:  (Yes I turned 25, forever 25 is my motto and that’s the age I will be even when I die!)  I'd planned on making a trip out of town and hanging with the bestie, but that didn't happen so I ended up staying in the city and partied with my roomies.  It was a low key bday but nonetheless I had fun!

-Girl it's a photo shoot!.- We did a photo shoot for our tees Yes I know you’re wondering what’s the deal with this little nugget of a project, but don’t worry we're getting it together and you guys will be the first to know

-Cancers Unite!: Late June early July has been filled with tons of b-days. A number of our friends celebrated b-days and we had fun celebrating with them . From Aisha's b-day weekend that consisted of an excel spreadsheet that listed daily plans and open bars to Chi Chi's karaoke shindig! S/O to Lydia for being the Karaoke Queen! She kept us laughing THE entire time. Oh and I can’t forget Saba's classic Keyshia Cole rendition of "Love" (refer to pics below)

-Movie in the Park: So as many of you know NYC always has something going on so one weekday me and some of the gals hit up Bryant Park to watch a movie. We watched Men Prefer Blondes (Fellas is this true??) starring the one and only Marilyn Monroe. Although I already knew she was a classic beauty, I was still amazed by her beauty on screen, she was downright gorg!

-Still single in Brooklyn..... enough said. I think I need counseling :-s

-Got a new Job! Yay me!!! I start August 1st so I will let you guys know how it goes :)

-As usual so many other random things have taken place and since this is getting too long I'll leave it at this. I have tons of pics to share but I'll only share a few and if you're my fb friend you've already seen them but for those who are not enjoy :)

Me and Sabie :)

Happy B-day to me!

Classic Hood Dani

Cause we like to party!
4th of July cookout
Back seat confessions
Karoke was a  blast!
Karoke Entertainer Lydia

Bed Stuy pride baby!
Bed Stuy stand up!
Some of Bed Stuy's finest!  ( you would think I was born and raised here huh haha)
Dont cha wish your roomies were hot like mine...don't cha!
 Pretty ladies!
 Sang that song girl.. sang!
Movie time :)

Till next time lovers!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Whachoo lookin at?

Another train story....

Sooo Jamee J and I meet up in the city today...after prancing around for a bit and getting food we decide to head back to BK on the A train. As we're having a conversation about something random, I notice a lady smiling EXTRA hard at me. If you've ever been to NYC...watched a movie about NYC...or read any of our blog posts, you know how ODD an occurrence like this would be. So me being a semi-nice Midwesterner, I shoot her a quick smile back and continue with my conversation. After awhile we finally get 2 seats on the train directly in front of Ms. Happy pants. I notice she is STILL smiling at me! At this point I am starting to feel a certain way about it so I try to avoid eye contact and continue talking to Jamee. After awhile the lady actually stands up and walks over to me.

Her: "Excuse me. I"m sorry to bother you, but I think you're really pretty. Would you mind if I took a picture of you?"
Me: Ummmm *confused face*
Her: "Let me explain. I'm a writer and currently working on a book. You look exactly how I pictured the main character to be. I've been working with an artist to draw a picture of the main character...and have been looking online for models for reference, but haven't found what I have in mind. Do you happen to model or act?"
Me: "No."
Her: "Well you could."
Me: "Why thank you."
Her: "So would you mind if I took a picture of you?"
Me: "Sure."

She then fumbles with her iPhone and I fake a smile for the picture. She thanks me, I say no problem, and she sits back down. This whole time, Jamee is oddly trying NOT to look at this odd exchange...which was hilarious! But everyone in that section of the train was looking at me. It was so strange...yet funny.

Anywho, I guess I'll be the inspiration behind a character in some book one day. Or maybe my face will end up photoshopped to a naked body...who knows!! Oh well.

And that was your super random story for the day. LOL.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Clean up: Spilled baby hair gel on aisle 5 on my last trip to dear friend Salina and I went on a late night trip to Walmart!

Ya'll know I didn't pack a lot of clothes this trip...a girl needs the necessities!

Blood pressure check! Dr. Oz said you gotta know your numbers!!

Yes...Salina is really riding a bike in Walmart


In my former life, I had a white baby. Lol.

Remember the babies with the bad synthetic hair?!I used to always try to cut mine like Halle Berry!

Really?! They still make Baby Alive?!

A mile long aisle of "ethnic haircare"...oh Walmart! Walmart is so good as capitalizing on the needs of a specific market.

Please read the deets: "for EDGES, BABY HAIR, and sculpted Styles" BABY HAIR?!?Please note it doesn't say "Baby's hair"...they mean the process of ADULTS taking a toothbrush and brushing their "baby hair" down onto their foreheads!!! WTH?!? Lol.

Ooooh! I can buy HAIR in Walmart now?! Only $6.97!

The Return of the Summer Crazies....

Some of my favorite stories about NYC involve the train....

I was waiting alone for the A train at the Fulton stop
Him: "Hey do you know how to tie a tie?"
Me: "No"
Him: "Well you should realy know how to. What if I guy you really like doesn't know how to and needs you to do it"

I'm thinking...any guy I talk to would know how to tie a tie. Seriously. So this guy spends the next 5 minutes "teaching" me how to tie a tie. As he's teaching me, he saying a bunch of nonsense:

Him: "Yeah the tie is wrinkled bc I just stole it from Daffy's"
Me: "Why?" *confused face*
Him: "Because I have this event. Now doesn't this look nice? Now you'll be able to tie a tie for your know...somebody cuter than me."
Me: *confused face*
Him: "So would I have a chance with you?"
Me: "Ummm...why are you asking me this?"
Him: "Just tell me"
Me: " probably not"

I swear this guy is gay, so I'm really confused as to why he's concerned about me. And he smells of beer and I really want him to go away at this point. So finally the train comes and we get on. I try my best to part from my new "friend". But he's following me! As he sees my trying to get away he starts yelling at me "WELL ITS YOUR LOSE! DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM?!?"

I proceed to walk in the other direction to escape him...which is cool because 2 minutes later I see him trying the same game on another girl! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

I coulda sworn somebody was gonna pop out and say I was on a hidden camera show!

Another one...
Today while on the 4 train

Him: "You wanna sit down?"
Me: "No I'm about to get off, but thank you."
Him: "Ok. I like yo hair"
Me: "Thank you."
Him: "Yeah...I like yo hair...and I like yo face"
Me: "Ummmm...thank you"
Him: *mumble mumble mumble*
Me: *quick smile and turn of the face*
As I get off--Him: You have a nice day beautiful"

You like my face? LOL. Ok sir. And I don't even want to know what else you were mumbling. Smh. A compliment is nice...but some compliments are just a little scary.

Oh New York!

Now that its consistently summerish....

Hey guys! After a little hiatus...I'm back in NYC. Before I left, there was a bit of heat wave...and then the rain came outta nowhere!! Finally mother nature decided to stop being a moody chick and we've seen some consistent weather. So this reminded me of my list of things NOT to wear for a summer in NYC:

It gets soooo hot in NYC! All the people, no breeze, all the just feel like 100 all the time to me! So pants are a no-no in my book.

Sometimes I may where something that requires a jacket at work to make it a little more appropriate (spaghetti straps, tube top, etc)...but once I leave it has to come off bc its too hot! One time I made the mistake of wearing something that wasn't as cute w/o the jacket...big mistake! Never again! Especially now.

I still see people wearing leggings. In my opinion...its just too hot. Stop know you're super sweaty underneath those leggings!

NO CLEAR BRA STRAPS! you have shiny "invisible" straps on that look horrible. Maybe a strapless would do? Or maybe we should just change shirts? Either way I hate clear straps. Lol. Nice concept...horrible execution.

Here's a few things I MUST have during this time...

No only do they protect your eyes from the sun...but also from the debris of NY streets! Oh! And they also increase the fly factor! Lol

Blotting sheets and bobby pins
I hate shiny face and unplanned crazy hair.

Ok. Yeah that was quick. But whatev! Ttyl lol

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Summa Summa Summatime!

So last Saturday we went to Atlantic City! It interesting trip! Lol. To be honest, it started off kinda hellishly (I love my made up word...sorry). But was something to do...and overall I had fun. Lol. Take a peek:

And we're off to AC!

The bus was freezing, so Jamee decided to build a wall of paper towels to "block" the air. And yes, she was convinced this would help *rolls eyes*

Within 10 minutes on the road J.Nicole and Aisha were knocked out! Don't you just love when your friends post not so cute pics online?! LOL. So here's a cute one! *Hey girls!*

The 1st hour in AC we tried to escape to the outlets down the street...Jamee J tryna hitchhike!

But then suddenly we got the call that we (or Aisha and J. Nicole) were almost at the front of the we starting sprinting back!

On the way back we saw a bunch of randomness

Line after line...after line. Lol.

Ching! Ching! Ching!

Big Ballin is my hobby!

I can quit my job...I won...$13.80

Look how much Jamee won....nothing...nada...zilch! Ha haaaaa!

"Gimme all yo money lady!"
"Oh no! Its a guuuuuunnnn!"

After a trip around the casino looking for food...J Nicole finally got mad and stole some chopsticks! Take that Asian Diner! Take that! Take that!

Patti the singing bartender


They definitely encourage you to drink in AC. Lol.

Hmmmm...I just wanna understand why there was a petition to get cats on the beach. *shrugs*

On the boardwalk

After a day in the casinos and hanging out on the boardwalk...we decided to hit the "other" side of AC...the backalley.

As I was about to climb the fence, a police officer on a bike caught me...if you squint you can see him in the background. I said to him "gasp! no! I was just kidding...I wasn't about to climb the fence! Hehe!" Look at the face of fear! Lol.

Drama Queen Jamee "Take me instead officer!"

So we thought it would be fun to take blurry pics of us jumping in the air and clapping our feet in the alley behind the casino....

More random feet clapping in the back alley...Aisha decided to join in the foolishness!

Signature Danielle hood pose

A little interpretive dance in the back alley? *shrugs* Don't ask!

Heading back to NYC...Now time for a little Rick Ross!

Our crazy non-puntual bus driver...sigh...oh Alan!

The End of my brief picture fill in the blanks for the rest! Lol.