Sunday, April 22, 2012

Subway Styles

As a NYers, the subway is our primary form of transportation...which can be a blessing and a curse. Sometimes hopping on the subway can be way easier than driving. Sometimes hopping on a crowded subway can make you wanna slap a grandma and whoop a random child. And we've all seen YouTube videos of fighting and sleeping homeless people. Oh NYC subway! Well if you find yourself on the subway, here's a guide to the many styles of riding.

The Pole Grasp
(Feel free to insert a tissue between hand and pole for sanitary purposes)

The Lazy Pole Lean
(This is a rude stance that prevents others from sharing the pole.
Prepare for angry glances during peak times)

The Door Gangsta Lean

My custom style: The Door Ridger

(Usually this style is only used in the morning when the train is packed nose to nose and I'm late to work)

 The Ceiling Anchor 

(This is primarily for men. For women, see The Subway Surfer)

 The Subway Surfer 
(When the train is too crowded and you have nothing to hold on to)

The Coveted Seat Drop
(This is amazing if you are so lucky)

The Subway Jerker
(Whether stable or surfing, you may experience a severe jerking motion when the train comes to an abrupt stop. Don't be embarrassed, it happens to everyone)

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Did you miss me?!

Whoooooa! Its been awhile since I've looked at this site. Can you believe we made the move from Dallas to NYC over 1.5 years ago?!? Riiiiight! We haven't posted anything since August when we launched M2bF. A lot has happened since then and I don't even have the energy to recap for you guys. So let's just start with the most recent things.

My new website: featuring a new jewelry capsule of UNISEX power bracelets. I'll be updating this site with new bracelets frequently. I'm also (still) working on my first collection. I promise I'm not making this up. Lol. I want to bring you guys something really dope, so its taking me some time. In the meantime, support the power bracelets. 20% of all proceeds benefit the American Heart Association in memory of my Dad =)

Red Coral Skull Power Bracelet
Red coral is The chaos killer. Wear coral when you're in need of a shot of inner peace. It has a way of calming the soul and creating a sense of understanding one's purpose.

The weather is warming up in NYC and I'm feeling an amazing summer coming on! Especially after the crazy time we had at Grits and Biscuits on Saturday. For my non-NYers Grits and Biscuits is a party where they play all Dirty South guilty pleasure!!

Sweathouse of fun

Image on the "CHURCH FANS" they pass out when you come in...and yes we actually use the fans!! Lol.

Beyonce, Jay-Z, and Solange made an appearance too. So funny to see everyone start tweeting and FBing when they walked by...I know I did! LOL.

I have a full weekend coming up in the city so check back soon ; )


Oh yeah...I go by Elle now instead of Dani. I guess that's another big change too. Haha!