Sunday, August 15, 2010

#EpicFail...The Series

The series of events you are about to read about took place in New York City. Some of the names have been changed to protect the innocent...Lol. Naw...just kidding...but some of our actions this weekend have been utterly embarassing. We've deemed Friday as the day of #EpicFails (and yes, that's Twitter speak). The good and the bad...but it was def a fun/frustrating/interesting day to say the least.

Walking the bridge for cheesecake...Diddy Style....

I started off my day doing absolutely NOTHING! I mean nothing...and it felt amazing! I didn't leave the house until around 4:30 pm. We hopped the train to Brooklyn....and walked the entire Brooklyn Bridge *crosses off list*!! We didn't really walk the bridge for cheesecake at Junior's, but I thought I'd throw that in there for fun. But, there were a lot of tourists and some bike crazies. It was a fun experience! I almost forgot to mention that I gave my 1st directions in NY that day to some ppl from the was funny to hear them ask where to catch "The Tube"! But seriously! You would have been proud of me! Since we were invited to a birthday celebration in Soho...we were kinda in a rush. Who would have known this would have been the beginning of the end. Lol.

Brooklyn Bridge

Let's call them Bambi and Heidi....

After leaving the Brooklyn Bridge, it would be an understatement to say "we were running late"! We had to get something to eat because we hadn't really ate all day...we had to navigate public transportation...and make it back to our friend's place to get dressed. It took waaaaay longer to get dressed than we had planned...mainly bc I have no clothes. Lol. Happy hour started at 7:00...we were leaving the apt at 8:30 *insert blank stare*. We rush down  to get on our regular F train and get off to transfer to the 1 train. Here's the turning point of the night....I guess since I gave my little directions earlier in the day, I thought I was a pro. My silly self led us to the right train...BUT GOT ON THE WRONG SIDE....once again!!! I know you're asking how hard can it be to go the right way on the train. I DON'T KNOW!! I seriously consider myself to be a smart person...but I just don't get it *hangs head*. I swear...everytime we get lost, we'll start blaming it on the airhead girls inside of us...let's call them Bambi and Heidi!!! Lol. Once Bambi and Heidi realized what happened, they got off the train and went upstairs (no service in the train station) to call the friend who had invited them. Lol...ok I quit with the "third person" speak. Anywho, at this point, it was about 9:15, and she suggested we not come since they were leaving soon. We (or at least I) were soooo sad to be missing our 1st social event. WE WANT FRIENDS!! Lol. Welp...she told us about a club that should be poppin' later, so we planned on going. But until then...what to do? What to do?

Lemme get that guac!!

So we decided to just find a bar to chill at until it was time to go to the club. We found a place called Harrington's near my future school. I don't think I've mentioned on here how I had been craving a glass of wine. So I ordered a glass of wine...after awhile, we decided to order some chips and Guacamole (because wine and guacamole goes together. Lol). OMG! That guac was the best I personally had ever had...who would have thought...NY?!? But yes. Jamee and I were sitting there talking...and 2 guys who had been sitting next to us the entire time randomly got up and started talking to us. It was sooo random! But def not a bad thing. What made it random was the fact that it was 2 white guys (to our white friends reading this...its random bc white guys usually don't talk to black girls...I have this theory that they're scared). Lol. They were asking us what we were getting into that night and asked where we were from. Turns out..both of the guys went to OHIO STATE!!! *Go Bucks*. What makes this story even more funny was the fact that 1 of the guys pulled a Sports Illustrated with Ohio State Football players on the front out of his bookbag!!! Where does that happen? Lol. Anywho, they recommended some drinks and then invited us to Mercer Bar downtown. We did'nt plan on going because we wanted to hit up the club *Hmmm...let's try a South Dallas voice here*.

Reenacting West Side Story in the streets...literally.

We caught the BUS on our way to the really pains me to say that. Lol. I'm so used to driving everywhere. But good thing our friend Chi Chi warned us to take flats anytime we go out...or else we'll be committed podiatric suicide. Sooo...we're on the bus on the way to the club...and get off waaaaay too early!! While waiting for the bus to come back...I had the sudden urge to sing and dance (again)! I made up a little tune that went something like this: *Broadway show tune voice* "One daaaaaaaaaay! One daaaaaaaaaay! We'll make it somewheeeeeeeerrrrre on tiiiiimmmmmmeeeeee"...this little diddly was accompanied by snapping and quick stepping. Imagine a girl in Midtown loudly singing and dancing at the bus of course a man stopped and asked "Why are you so happy?" LOL. I simply replied "Bc we're always late, so I have to make some fun out of the situation"...that's all you can do, right?!? Right. Needless to say, we didn't make it to the club that night. Wanna know why? Sure you do...bc the bus NEVER came back! Smh. #PTFail (Public Transportation Fail).

With a pocket full of determination, we decided to head to Mercer bar instead to meet up with our newfound friends. As we walk there, we decide to change back into our we stop in a stairwell which happened to have a homeless person's "house" in it. So we stepped into his "home" to change out of the sight of the people on the street. Lol. We finally get to Mercer bar and immediately felt out of place. Lol. Everyone was with their groups of friends, chatting, and enjoying their various drinks. Our "friends" hadn't made it there yet. We're not used to that kind of bar scene, so we awkwardly walked out with a feeling of defeat!! We missed trains...buses...and social engagements all in one night. #EpicFail.

Homeless Home in Soho...prob $1750 per month. Lol

I like to think of our mishaps in NY as being a 5 year old riding a bike with training ride with the training wheels at 1st with hopes of getting to big girl status and taking them off bc you don't want to look like a baby anymore! And once you take them might fall sometimes. But when real big girls fall, they get up....apply a lil cocoa butter (bc we we're too pretty for scars)...and keep it moving! Lol. So, I'm looking forward to the progression of the coming week. Oh yeah...I forgot to mention this is our 1 week annivesary! Yay for us!

It's 2:01 usual time for writing my blog posts. Lol. So Goodnight! Until tomorrow.


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