Monday, February 14, 2011

*Sings* Its our Anniversary

In honor of our 6 month anniversary (although it was last Monday but who’s counting) (Can you guys believe its been a half of a year!) I thought I share 6 random things that I LOVE and HATE about NYC. (these things are not in any particular order)

1.       Laundry. Seriously it takes a prayer, mind preparation and a cab ride to get this done-- even still I’m never ready for the “wash-a-teria”. It’s a battle yall, one I just don’t like fighting. (pray that our next spot has a laundry room on site, or that our land lord doesn’t charge us 100 a PIECE to use theirs. Yea 300 dollars a month/3,600 dollars a year not including rent. We don’t even wash that much! Shoot with that much you can buy you a new washer and dryer every couple months! (Tell ‘em why you mad B lol)
2.       Men. Ok by no means am I a man basher, but the fellas here, well let me re-phrase that, the ones I’ve met have been so lack-luster. Call me old fashion but a lady likes to be courted--even if that only means holding the train door open sometimes or getting me Chinese takeout, It’s the little things that count and quite frankly the guys I’ve met here just don’t seem to get this basic principle. (sigh)
3.       Grocery Shopping. I think you guys all know Dani’s and I sentiments about this daunting task… if not refer to Clean up on Aisle...
4.       Cold Weather. Now I know your thinking Jamee you knew good and well when you went there it gets cold. Well yes I did, but what I didn’t know was that it gets DARK at like 4:45p.m.,the sky is always gloomy and just makes the days seem so bleak. I’m a sunshine kinda girl. I’m the type to wake up and open the blinds to let in the sunlight, even if you are sleeping J
5.       Dirty Trains. Again everyone knows NY is not known for “Cleanest city in America”, but gosh-lee these freaking trains are the dirtiest things I’ve encountered. Eeeeeek just the thought makes me feel dirty. Granted there are some lines that are cleaner than others but overall they get a D+ in my book
6.       Long commutes. My gosh minimum travel time here is 1hour. Planning to go somewhere is like planning a mini trip out of town. Not to mention late night commuting. You might as well ask can you sleep over wherever you’re at, or sleep in the train station because its guaranteed that you’re going to wait at least 30-45 min for a train if its anytime past midnight.

1.       Public Acceptance. I love the fact that only in NYC ( I’m sure other cities where mass transit is the norm) is it acceptable to be at the bus stop with a cell phone! Any other place you would get the serious side eye standing at the bus stop w/a phone.
2.       The people and energy. I cannot express to you guys how much culture and diversity exist here. I’m so thankful for the friends I’ve made—both old and new, they keep me motivated and inspired
3.       Red Velvet Cupcakes. This one is kind of weird, see I didn’t really start eating red velvet cake until an old co-worker (Hey Dellone! Hope you see this) made me one of the best red velvet cakes known to man! From that day forward I was literally red from all the red velvet cake I was consuming, If I could I would eat a slice everyday (ok not to that extreme, but you get the point). After one  night on the town Dani and I stopped at this lil bodega (NY slang for corner store) and I got the best red velvet cupcake ever! Sadly I haven’t had one since b/c we no longer go to that club L, but needless to say, it left a lasting impression on my taste buds thus getting a mention in this post.
4.       Late Night escapades. Some of the most fun I’ve had has been unplanned trips to random places with even more random people. You can never really know what to expect when you hit the city. It can be a total bust or blast and for that it makes the list! (S/o to our friend DjKblack who always knows how to show us a good time! Heyyy Keith)
5.       Summer Summer Summer Time. Although I didn’t experience the whole summer here and only caught the tail end, I loved every min of it. Well aside from the walking countless blocks in scorching heat (yes friends it gets pretty darn hot in the summer here) you may refer to some of our previous post in which we talked about it. But I think since we now have a better sense of direction (thank God!) I’m sure those walks won’t be so dreadful this summer and we have a lot to look forward to.
6.       My roommates. Throughout our short time together I can honestly say I love these girls! From Dani’s secret hood and hopeless  romantic ways to Saba’s loud talking, fab wearing shoe having self!

There are so many other things that I love and not so much hate but for now this will do. Let’s see how this list looks when our 1 year anniversary arrives, I’m sure I’ll have way more than 12 loves and hopefully less than 12 hates! ;)

Till next time Lovers…. Holla!

P.s. Happy VALENTIMES DAY as my bestie would say!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

New York Winter Wonder...Hazard

And Slush.

Oh My!

Freezing Rain.
Rolling tumbles.

All things related to winters in NYC. THANKFULLY I have not dealt with the falls, rolls, or fractures thus far!! But I have had a few slips and "hallelujah" hand know...that motion most people do when they are about to fall and are trying to regain their balance!! You know what I'm talking about! Anywho, today I had at least 2 near fatal falls. Not busting your booty on the ice is definitely a science to be studied and practiced!! I must say...I am so scared about falling in front of a ton of people...especially at the Utica train stop in BK. I just know the people around here would prob bust out laughing like I just got knocked out like Debo from Friday!

Can somebody please give me a glimmer of hope by telling me this "beautiful" weather is almost over?!? Yesterday I was super late to work because the trains were jacked...and the dirty nasty snow seems to be taking over the city. This must end!!! Times like this reallllllly make me miss driving in my lil' camry in Dallas. Lol. And I know people always say "shouldn't you be used to the snow? You're from Ohio!!!" WELL...I didn't have to walk more than a block or two...IF EVER when I lived in Ohio! Trust me when I say its completely different!

Snowboots...The best investment a girl can make!

Probably Jamee’s 1st snowsuit! Lol.

A picture of the winter wonderhazard from my stoop...notice the pick-up truck covered in snow!

The ice on our sidewalk finally melted! Yes!

Our next door neighbors front patio...full of snow!!

I think I have the solution to my snow blues...beginning next year, I'll live in Miami in the winter...and New York in the summer. Problem solved! Ok...maybe not. But I'm ready for the snow and ice to leave me alone!! Please come back to me Summer! Heck! I’ll even settle for Spring! Lol.


N.Y.C (Nails You Can't resist)

So although I went on that long spill (refer to My PSA ) about how I hope you guys don't mind that I share things that don't really pertain to NY--well after some thought, I think I may have to reconsider that idea, or otherwise this blog will end up with a modge podge of posts from me, considering how random my thoughts can be :-s. Hoooowever, I couldn't resist posting these pics of some fabulous nails!!! (I love love bright colors and usually keep my nails painted,but as of late I've seriously been slacking. SERIOUSLY you should see my nails :-/) But after seeing these lovely beauties I'm inspired to head to the nail shop ASAP! Speaking of which I really want to check out Valley Nails here in NYC. I found out about this place b/c I stopped a girl on the bus a while ago and her her nails were divine. I checked out their website and saw they specialize in custom designs, Ill keep you posted on when I finally make it there! Look at that, I was able to tie in NY after all!
(Pssssst I realize I may have been stretching it with the title of the post, but hey I'm trying ;)) 

*Light bulb Moment* So I just might have come up with a way I can tie in all my random thoughts and make them apply to NY.... Stay tuned................

Cute Birthday Nails
Reblogging some of my favorite Nails from 2010
Rudegyals ;)
Me & my Dog
Pink: P2 Color Victim 260 Drama
Black: P2 Color Victim 210 Eternal
Others: Acrylic Colors
Topcoat: Essie Good to go!
Keep It Real!
Part of a new design…
Pop Art
Pink: P2 Color Victim 260 Drama
Turquoise: P2 Color Victim 222 Artful
Others: Acrylic Colors
Topcoat: Essie Good to go!
Peacock & Leopard


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I Gotta Dream Big!! *Jazmine Sullivan voice*

(Ironically saw this, this morning walking up the stairs at work)

Ok you guys here I sit at my mundane 8-5 job, that for at the moment, is not providing me with the stimulus in which I need to conquer my goals. As you all know, I moved here to pursue my dreams and aspirations, and for those that know me, know that once I set my mind on something there’s no stopping until I do it. But as I sit here and think about all the things I aspired to do once I got here, I feel as though I have lost sight of that very thing. Chasing a dream by no means is an easy feat, but like countless others I’m determined to fulfill them. I’ve always lived my life with the mentally that you only live once so why not do what it is you love. I never want to look back on my life’s journey with the shoulda, coulda, woulda’s. And although that philosophy is nothing new to me, quite frankly I’ve done a lot of self doubting as of late. I ran across this post from Terrence J on a celeb blog that I read, and it spoke volumes as to how I feel. It was just the reminder I needed to help get my vision back and remember what it is I came here for.

"Today is a new day. A new opportunity to follow your dreams. Take advantage of this blessing. Take that leap. Whatever your dream is, you have to step towards it. The more steps you take the more the universe will conspire to assist you…
If you want to run a label, quit your job at the bank & intern at a label. If you want to be a doctor, apply to school today, etc. I wanted to act, so every week I go to acting school for 14 hours, study film & actors, read about projects, etc. Once I took steps, roles came.

A girl replied, how can I pay my bills if I quit my job to follow my dreams? – when following your dreams you will be temporarily inconvenienced. Tyler Perry was HOMELESS years before becoming a MILLIONAIRE. Only you can determine the amount of sacrifice your dreams are worth.

Before 106 I had a job making 30k but I wasnt happy. I quit. Moved to NY, worked small jobs to get by, & lived on @FredWhit FLOOR 8 MONTHS! I just meet so many people that want to reach their goals & then complain when it sounds hard! Go watch Pursuit of Happiness

Everybody has a different story. U may have kids, mortgage, bills, etc. But God is powerful. There is always a way to follow your dreams!"

I'll end with the end of the day I want to be able to look back on my life, have this type of story to share and say "I wouldn’t of had it any other way" :)

P.s. for those that are wondering why my title is in Jazmine Sullivan's voice, she has a song I love titled "Dream Big" (I'm cheesy I know)