Friday, August 13, 2010

A 48 Hour Blur....

I can only say...I'm tired right now. The past 2 days have been really busy (hence no post last night). But this is only the 2 weeks...I'll be throwing school and work into the mix!!! Feel free to send me a care package of 5 hour energy drinks...because I'll soon have my own address! Lol. Speaking of addresses....

We've ALMOST secured an apartment...but right now we're in an APARTMENT WAR with another tenant. We still have our fingers crossed....I won't give any details until everything is finalized :)

Interesting events from our 48 hour blur:

-Greeted in Brooklyn by a BOMB SCARE and POLICE was actally pretty entertaining.

-We met the "mayor" of Brooklyn...random dude stops us on the street...gets out of his car to give us a party flyer. He says "Yo! What's ya'll name?!? I think I met ya'll before"...when he went to shake my hand, he held it for 5 minutes with a cigarette in the other hand...which was hilarious! He wanted us to give him our phone see...he's the mayor! Everybody calls him the mayor because he RUNS Brooklyn! And if we ever need help with know...if anybody is messing with us...we need to let him know because he'll take care of it! "I like to take care of people who do bad things with good people...I got you!" This dude at gold fronts with "diamonds"...gleaming! But then he proceeds to take them out of his mouth and hold them in this hand while talking to us (clearly not holding my hand anymore...ewwww!). He also had silly bands on his wrist...kinda funny...something so soft on a hard dude, right?!? Lol. Apparently silly bands gets you into a secret society *insert blank stare* He ended the convo by saying "word to ya' muhva!" (word to your mother for the folks who don't understand NY slang) honest I didn't know NYers still said that. Lol.

-I almost slipped on a DEAD MOUSE...I felt so sad for the little mouse. His life was ended on the streets...what a lonely death. Lol.

-Then I almost stepped on roach on the sidewalk....a completely different area than the dead mouse...but hey...what can I's NY! Lol.

-I LOVE street music! We often see people playing various instruments in the subways...I'll have to record it one day to post!!

-My body is still adjusting to the move. You all know how fragile I am...any kind of physical activity, I'm bound to get hurt at least once. Lol. I'm sooo used to driving that my body has been screaming "WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU DOING TO ME?!? I'M TOO GOOD FOR ALL THIS WALKING AND NONSENSE!!" I definitely need to do some strength training!! But you know what? By next summer, these legs will be strong enough to hold an elevator door open....or pick up a car with a small child underneath. Lol.

Everything is still feeling like one big adventure!! Stay tuned yo!


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