Wednesday, August 11, 2010

5 Hour Energy Drink, Anyone?

Today was one of those days that drains your body...and makes you wanna break out the 2 pack of 5 hour energy drinks! (You know...the ones that are $3.99 in TX, but $7.99 in NY. Lol). First of all, it's been almost as hot as that place where God's arch nemesis that off with the tons of people in the city and going in and out of train stations all day. Lemme tell ya!

"The most dangerous MC is...comin' outta Queensbridge!!"

Apartment searching in NY is an interesting experience...sometimes difficult...sometimes daunting...and seemingly never-ending! Or at least that's how I felt today. We started our apt search today in a new area...Astoria (Queens). Hmmm...where should I start with this experience?!? Well...I'll just say I don't think Astoria is for me...or at least not the part we saw. When we exited the train, we walked directly past Astoria's finest projects...the famed "Queensbridge"...yes, the same Queensbridge projects Nas is from. Nothing wrong with that...I'm just sayin...2 suburban raised chicks may not fit in over there. But the guys over there seemed to like us *insert blank stare*. Anywho, we continued our expedition over to the apt we had an appt to see. Honestly, I should have charged this realtor a fee for even showing me this nonsense apartment!!! Absolutely disgusting! Imagine this...stains on the wall...USED soap and body pouf in the shower...factory building view from the window of each room. I'm sayin...ya'll couldn't even try to clean up the apt before showing it?!?!? What ever happened to staging?!? I know Ohio and Texas (my only 2 homes) can't be the only places that try to stage the apartments to make you imagine how it would look as your home.

"Yes...and the dirty body pouf and soap are a free gift when you rent the apartment"~Monika the realtor

God know my heart B...

Well...after leaving the apt, we walked back to the train station (not even wanting to see the rest of the neighborhood). And as we walked into a PEE DRENCHED elevator to go down into the station, a man started talking to us about a speech he was about to make to drug addicts from a 12 step addiction program. See...our new friend had been clean from drugs and alcohol for 6 yrs and 7 months exactly *lemme get a hand clap*. He started preaching to us about God. The convo ended in "I'm not sayin you gotta get right with MY GOD but get right with YO GOD...thanks for letting me share" (as we walked away to swipe our metro cards). He was really nice!!

I got 5 on it...

After our time in Queens...we decided to take it over to Chinatown. I have a love for Canal St. You gotta love the craziness, the tourists, the haggling, and the danger...we had a flash back to our October raid experience!! Lol. You can't beat the kind of "I might go to jail for this" excitement. Anywho, Jamee decided that she wanted some sunglasses...if you've never been to Canal St...lemme tell can get anything there! Counterfeit Jimmy Choo purses, fake Gucci glasses, fake Christian Louboutins, all kinds of jewelry, food...and even bubble guns! You just have to remember to haggle!!! So I talked my Canal St boyfriend down to $5, then this chick (Jamee) decides she doesn't want them. Smh. While going in and out of all the little shopping holes, I told Jamee she likes flashy stuff...while I like things a little more understated. My imitation of J went a little like this..."Look at meeeeeee! I'm flaaaashy!" *cartoon voice*. This got a chuckle out of her. Little did I know this would marinate in her mind for the next 37 minutes!! Lol. While waiting for the 6 train she says...."so back to our earlier you think I'm flashy, huh? Why?" lol. My response "who else would wear a short jumpsuit with a slit in the middle...during the day?!? I'm not saying your style is bad!" Her response? "I wouldn't care if you did"...spoken like a true style diva. Lol. Def meant for NY!

"Bubble gun...$5 $5" *in my best African accent*

Overall, today was ok...just ok. We took a step backwards with our public transportation knowledge...not complete public transportation death...but definitely a few "Ummmmm....we're supposed to be on that side of the station!" moments. A few disgusting apartments....and a little re-evaluation of our expectations of our new lives. I'm realizing more and more that this whole experience will be a series of trial and error. But for us, it's all worth it. For me, this picture explains a thousand funny words...and I can never go back to this life. Lol.

DE-evolution of ppl's lives in corporate America. Lol. Its the truth!
So I gotta make it do what it do! I guess if all else fails, I can get my complete life reading for $5 to figure this thing out! Oh Canal

Ad for "complete" life readings...ON SALE!

That is all. Goodnight!

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