Sunday, August 22, 2010

I know...I know...

It's been a long time...

I know...I haven't written anything in a few days...but honestly you haven't missed much. The past few days can be summed up with the following statement: "APARTMENT SEARCHING IN NEW YORK CITY IS A B-E-A-T-D-O-W-N!!!!!" Believe me...this has been such a draining experience...hence my lapse in blog posts. Everytime we think the search is coming to an end, we are rudely reminded that life can never be easy. Lol.

To overcome the stress of apt hunting, me and Jamee decided to go out! We went to a place called "Taj" in the Meatpacking district.

Our 1st night out in NY goes a little like this...

An awkward train ride....
2 swollen feet...
But definitely a fun night!

We decided to take the train (bc that's all we've known so far)...probably never again. We felt soooo weird being dressed up on the train. Lol. From now'll def hear me yelling "TAXXXXXXI!". When we got there, we were a little taken aback by the "lames" in the line...and yes, I know that sounds mean. Lol. But hey! What else can I say?!? But since 2 people had recommended the place, we decided to see what it was about. After paying an arm and a leg...and signing over the deed to my future house, we were able to get in. I was instantly disappointed when we got in. Don't ask me why. The crowd just seemed a little....blah! But it was only 12:30ish...and according to our sources people don't really come out until know...since places close at 4:00. Since we had already endured so much to get there...and had a stressful week...we pinky swore we would have a good time regardless!! #Dontjudge.

And that we did! It turned out to be super fun! Think....
*Lots of Reggae and East coast music
*A sliver of down south music (my guilty pleasure)
*Crazy encounters with guys who wanted to dance...including a crazy African dude who desperately wanted to dance with both of us.
*A few meetings with Mr. Ciroc. Lol.
*A fight with my aching feet

There's sooo much fun to be had here. And I can't wait to see what we get into next week when we get back to NY! I start orientation for school tomm and then we go back to Dallas on Wednesday to start our 1/2 country marathon back to NY! (Yes, we're driving cross country in a moving truck) I'm sure that will come with a crazy story to tell. Anywho....continue to stay turned :)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Pop Quiz: Train A or Train B

Pop Quiz: If the door of Train A is closing at 65 mph as girl #1 exits and girl #2 attempts to not be crushed in the long do you think it will take for girl #2 to get home without directions or a cell phone?

Answer: sruoh 2/1 1 tuoba

If you couldn't read that backwards, it said "about 1 1/2 hours"...

*insert rewind noise here*

Sunday, Jamee and I endured another rough day of apartment searching (in the rain might I add) and simply wanted to get back to our friend's place for a little relaxation. Of course, with all of the google-mapping, talking, and texting that went on throughout the day on my iphone, that horrid red bar appeared...which means "your phone will die even if someone even thinks about using it." We walked down to the train station...and of course my phone died. So, as we boarded the train, we realized we (or let's say Bambi and Heidi) were on the wrong train (surprise surprise)! As, the train was about to take off, Jamee looked at me and said "Should we get off?!?" My quick reply was "Yes!" As Jamee JUMPS off the train...the door immediately closes behind her. Really I'm surprised it didn't catch her shirt! Anywho, she then turns around to look for me. Instead she sees me, helplessly smiling at her from the CLOSED train door, her mouth drops. The only thing we could do was wave goodbye.

O-M-G...this was my 1st time on a train in NYC by myself....which wouldn't have been too bad...IF I had a phone. You see...I rely on my phone for everything. To wake up in the morning. To call my friends and family (I have NO numbers memorized since the invention of the cell phone). I even have a reminder in my phone to change my contacts and take my vitamins!! *iPhone withdrawal*.  Not to mention, I had our entire apartment deposit in my purse...and I usually hardly have no more than $10 in my pocket *debit card addict* (I know, all 3 are bad). Anywho, I get off at the next stop hoping to immediately get back on to meet up with my long lost friend...#FAIL. The next train heading back did not come for another 15-20 minutes. So I stood there, waiting...ipod going...purse under Obama Secret Service-like security. I'm thinking "I can't owe these chicks money." Lol.

Finally, when I get back to our original stop...I realize something completely horrible...utterly wretched.......................................................we were on the right train in the 1st place. *insert red pissed face here* Lol. Let me share my learning: If your desired stop is not within the next 10 stops, it will rotate between stops 11-30 something.

Eventually, I make it back to Roosevelt Island (where our friend stays) and head back to the apt (after spending $16 on peanut butter, jelly, and rice. lol). I finally get up to the apt (after waiting 2 minutes downstairs in the rain for someone to open the outside door)...and am greeted by a worried mother hen...not my real mama...but Jamee J. Lol. She tells me how worried she was bc she knew I didn't have a phone....I mean...could she have been that worried?!? This chick was at home chillin on the couch...NOT in the rain!!! She didn't even call the police!!!! LOL...naw...I'm just kidding! *Hugs*

But I DID IT! I made it home in one piece! All by myself! I'm a big girl now!! :P #Dontjudgeme

All in one piece in NYC (Dani)

Sunday, August 15, 2010

#EpicFail...The Series

The series of events you are about to read about took place in New York City. Some of the names have been changed to protect the innocent...Lol. Naw...just kidding...but some of our actions this weekend have been utterly embarassing. We've deemed Friday as the day of #EpicFails (and yes, that's Twitter speak). The good and the bad...but it was def a fun/frustrating/interesting day to say the least.

Walking the bridge for cheesecake...Diddy Style....

I started off my day doing absolutely NOTHING! I mean nothing...and it felt amazing! I didn't leave the house until around 4:30 pm. We hopped the train to Brooklyn....and walked the entire Brooklyn Bridge *crosses off list*!! We didn't really walk the bridge for cheesecake at Junior's, but I thought I'd throw that in there for fun. But, there were a lot of tourists and some bike crazies. It was a fun experience! I almost forgot to mention that I gave my 1st directions in NY that day to some ppl from the was funny to hear them ask where to catch "The Tube"! But seriously! You would have been proud of me! Since we were invited to a birthday celebration in Soho...we were kinda in a rush. Who would have known this would have been the beginning of the end. Lol.

Brooklyn Bridge

Let's call them Bambi and Heidi....

After leaving the Brooklyn Bridge, it would be an understatement to say "we were running late"! We had to get something to eat because we hadn't really ate all day...we had to navigate public transportation...and make it back to our friend's place to get dressed. It took waaaaay longer to get dressed than we had planned...mainly bc I have no clothes. Lol. Happy hour started at 7:00...we were leaving the apt at 8:30 *insert blank stare*. We rush down  to get on our regular F train and get off to transfer to the 1 train. Here's the turning point of the night....I guess since I gave my little directions earlier in the day, I thought I was a pro. My silly self led us to the right train...BUT GOT ON THE WRONG SIDE....once again!!! I know you're asking how hard can it be to go the right way on the train. I DON'T KNOW!! I seriously consider myself to be a smart person...but I just don't get it *hangs head*. I swear...everytime we get lost, we'll start blaming it on the airhead girls inside of us...let's call them Bambi and Heidi!!! Lol. Once Bambi and Heidi realized what happened, they got off the train and went upstairs (no service in the train station) to call the friend who had invited them. Lol...ok I quit with the "third person" speak. Anywho, at this point, it was about 9:15, and she suggested we not come since they were leaving soon. We (or at least I) were soooo sad to be missing our 1st social event. WE WANT FRIENDS!! Lol. Welp...she told us about a club that should be poppin' later, so we planned on going. But until then...what to do? What to do?

Lemme get that guac!!

So we decided to just find a bar to chill at until it was time to go to the club. We found a place called Harrington's near my future school. I don't think I've mentioned on here how I had been craving a glass of wine. So I ordered a glass of wine...after awhile, we decided to order some chips and Guacamole (because wine and guacamole goes together. Lol). OMG! That guac was the best I personally had ever had...who would have thought...NY?!? But yes. Jamee and I were sitting there talking...and 2 guys who had been sitting next to us the entire time randomly got up and started talking to us. It was sooo random! But def not a bad thing. What made it random was the fact that it was 2 white guys (to our white friends reading this...its random bc white guys usually don't talk to black girls...I have this theory that they're scared). Lol. They were asking us what we were getting into that night and asked where we were from. Turns out..both of the guys went to OHIO STATE!!! *Go Bucks*. What makes this story even more funny was the fact that 1 of the guys pulled a Sports Illustrated with Ohio State Football players on the front out of his bookbag!!! Where does that happen? Lol. Anywho, they recommended some drinks and then invited us to Mercer Bar downtown. We did'nt plan on going because we wanted to hit up the club *Hmmm...let's try a South Dallas voice here*.

Reenacting West Side Story in the streets...literally.

We caught the BUS on our way to the really pains me to say that. Lol. I'm so used to driving everywhere. But good thing our friend Chi Chi warned us to take flats anytime we go out...or else we'll be committed podiatric suicide. Sooo...we're on the bus on the way to the club...and get off waaaaay too early!! While waiting for the bus to come back...I had the sudden urge to sing and dance (again)! I made up a little tune that went something like this: *Broadway show tune voice* "One daaaaaaaaaay! One daaaaaaaaaay! We'll make it somewheeeeeeeerrrrre on tiiiiimmmmmmeeeeee"...this little diddly was accompanied by snapping and quick stepping. Imagine a girl in Midtown loudly singing and dancing at the bus of course a man stopped and asked "Why are you so happy?" LOL. I simply replied "Bc we're always late, so I have to make some fun out of the situation"...that's all you can do, right?!? Right. Needless to say, we didn't make it to the club that night. Wanna know why? Sure you do...bc the bus NEVER came back! Smh. #PTFail (Public Transportation Fail).

With a pocket full of determination, we decided to head to Mercer bar instead to meet up with our newfound friends. As we walk there, we decide to change back into our we stop in a stairwell which happened to have a homeless person's "house" in it. So we stepped into his "home" to change out of the sight of the people on the street. Lol. We finally get to Mercer bar and immediately felt out of place. Lol. Everyone was with their groups of friends, chatting, and enjoying their various drinks. Our "friends" hadn't made it there yet. We're not used to that kind of bar scene, so we awkwardly walked out with a feeling of defeat!! We missed trains...buses...and social engagements all in one night. #EpicFail.

Homeless Home in Soho...prob $1750 per month. Lol

I like to think of our mishaps in NY as being a 5 year old riding a bike with training ride with the training wheels at 1st with hopes of getting to big girl status and taking them off bc you don't want to look like a baby anymore! And once you take them might fall sometimes. But when real big girls fall, they get up....apply a lil cocoa butter (bc we we're too pretty for scars)...and keep it moving! Lol. So, I'm looking forward to the progression of the coming week. Oh yeah...I forgot to mention this is our 1 week annivesary! Yay for us!

It's 2:01 usual time for writing my blog posts. Lol. So Goodnight! Until tomorrow.


Friday, August 13, 2010

Southern Hospitality = DEAD and GONE

Lets rewind back to Wednesday.......

*insert rewind noise here*

Booth R2453. <----If you're ever in the city and come across this booth number with the above train attendant don’t bother asking for help. As you know, Dani and I have talked several times about our train debacle's and how we are constanly getting lost on the train, so its no surprise that we walk to the wrong side of the subway entrance 5 out of 10 times a day.(Can someone please help in indentifying which side to go to without having to play eeny, meeny, miny, moe?!?!) Side note: I don’t know about you, but this is what I call PROGRESS!! At least we are at the CORRECT stop just the wrong side. Now before I go on, there are some things you must know: Once you swipe your metro pass you cant re-swipe it until 18mins later (this prevents people from sharing a pass). So if you go on the wrong side its inevitable that you will have to re-swipe your card. Most times when we go on the wrong side we go the attendant on the correct side and explain the situation, and it goes something like this:
Me: "Hello kind sir, we swiped our card on the other side but realized it was the wrong train would you be so kind and buzz us in on this side?"
Attendant: "Ok go through those doors."

Simple as that right. Well not at booth R2453. Convo went like this:

Me: "Hello kind sir we swiped our card on the other side but realized it was the wrong train, would you please let us in?" (notice I even said please)

Attendant: "Why did you go on the wrong side, did you not read the signs? (His tone made it sound more like, “Are you dumb can you not read the sign”) NO, Im not letting you in you need to learn how to read the signs and know where your going."

At this point I'm still thinking ok let me just use some of my sweet southern charm to get him to lighten up
Me: (smiling) "Well sir we are new to town, 4 days to be exact and we are still trying to get the hang of this whole public transportation thing. So can you please let us in?"

Attendant: "No, I’m not letting you in, you're just going to have to wait 18min until your card re-activates."

Me: "But sir we are new and made a simple mistake"
Attendant: "Do you know how many people do this a day. So I don’t want to hear it."

Me: (at this point I see he's not budging so I start to turn on my newly found New Yorker persona) "Are you seriously not going to let us in?! I mean this is stupid we made a mistake. Now let us in!" (not in those exact words, but I was no longer the southern bell that I was 5 min ago, I was giving him the 'tude he deserved)

Attendant: "No I’m not letting you in you can stand over there and wait."

REALLY dude?!? Is it that serious. I couldn’t believe he was so rude! After watching countless people go in Dani says, "It feels like we are at recess and we have to watch all the other kids go play because we are in time out. "Guess we're not in Kansas any more Toto....." :)

~Jamee J.

A 48 Hour Blur....

I can only say...I'm tired right now. The past 2 days have been really busy (hence no post last night). But this is only the 2 weeks...I'll be throwing school and work into the mix!!! Feel free to send me a care package of 5 hour energy drinks...because I'll soon have my own address! Lol. Speaking of addresses....

We've ALMOST secured an apartment...but right now we're in an APARTMENT WAR with another tenant. We still have our fingers crossed....I won't give any details until everything is finalized :)

Interesting events from our 48 hour blur:

-Greeted in Brooklyn by a BOMB SCARE and POLICE was actally pretty entertaining.

-We met the "mayor" of Brooklyn...random dude stops us on the street...gets out of his car to give us a party flyer. He says "Yo! What's ya'll name?!? I think I met ya'll before"...when he went to shake my hand, he held it for 5 minutes with a cigarette in the other hand...which was hilarious! He wanted us to give him our phone see...he's the mayor! Everybody calls him the mayor because he RUNS Brooklyn! And if we ever need help with know...if anybody is messing with us...we need to let him know because he'll take care of it! "I like to take care of people who do bad things with good people...I got you!" This dude at gold fronts with "diamonds"...gleaming! But then he proceeds to take them out of his mouth and hold them in this hand while talking to us (clearly not holding my hand anymore...ewwww!). He also had silly bands on his wrist...kinda funny...something so soft on a hard dude, right?!? Lol. Apparently silly bands gets you into a secret society *insert blank stare* He ended the convo by saying "word to ya' muhva!" (word to your mother for the folks who don't understand NY slang) honest I didn't know NYers still said that. Lol.

-I almost slipped on a DEAD MOUSE...I felt so sad for the little mouse. His life was ended on the streets...what a lonely death. Lol.

-Then I almost stepped on roach on the sidewalk....a completely different area than the dead mouse...but hey...what can I's NY! Lol.

-I LOVE street music! We often see people playing various instruments in the subways...I'll have to record it one day to post!!

-My body is still adjusting to the move. You all know how fragile I am...any kind of physical activity, I'm bound to get hurt at least once. Lol. I'm sooo used to driving that my body has been screaming "WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU DOING TO ME?!? I'M TOO GOOD FOR ALL THIS WALKING AND NONSENSE!!" I definitely need to do some strength training!! But you know what? By next summer, these legs will be strong enough to hold an elevator door open....or pick up a car with a small child underneath. Lol.

Everything is still feeling like one big adventure!! Stay tuned yo!


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

5 Hour Energy Drink, Anyone?

Today was one of those days that drains your body...and makes you wanna break out the 2 pack of 5 hour energy drinks! (You know...the ones that are $3.99 in TX, but $7.99 in NY. Lol). First of all, it's been almost as hot as that place where God's arch nemesis that off with the tons of people in the city and going in and out of train stations all day. Lemme tell ya!

"The most dangerous MC is...comin' outta Queensbridge!!"

Apartment searching in NY is an interesting experience...sometimes difficult...sometimes daunting...and seemingly never-ending! Or at least that's how I felt today. We started our apt search today in a new area...Astoria (Queens). Hmmm...where should I start with this experience?!? Well...I'll just say I don't think Astoria is for me...or at least not the part we saw. When we exited the train, we walked directly past Astoria's finest projects...the famed "Queensbridge"...yes, the same Queensbridge projects Nas is from. Nothing wrong with that...I'm just sayin...2 suburban raised chicks may not fit in over there. But the guys over there seemed to like us *insert blank stare*. Anywho, we continued our expedition over to the apt we had an appt to see. Honestly, I should have charged this realtor a fee for even showing me this nonsense apartment!!! Absolutely disgusting! Imagine this...stains on the wall...USED soap and body pouf in the shower...factory building view from the window of each room. I'm sayin...ya'll couldn't even try to clean up the apt before showing it?!?!? What ever happened to staging?!? I know Ohio and Texas (my only 2 homes) can't be the only places that try to stage the apartments to make you imagine how it would look as your home.

"Yes...and the dirty body pouf and soap are a free gift when you rent the apartment"~Monika the realtor

God know my heart B...

Well...after leaving the apt, we walked back to the train station (not even wanting to see the rest of the neighborhood). And as we walked into a PEE DRENCHED elevator to go down into the station, a man started talking to us about a speech he was about to make to drug addicts from a 12 step addiction program. See...our new friend had been clean from drugs and alcohol for 6 yrs and 7 months exactly *lemme get a hand clap*. He started preaching to us about God. The convo ended in "I'm not sayin you gotta get right with MY GOD but get right with YO GOD...thanks for letting me share" (as we walked away to swipe our metro cards). He was really nice!!

I got 5 on it...

After our time in Queens...we decided to take it over to Chinatown. I have a love for Canal St. You gotta love the craziness, the tourists, the haggling, and the danger...we had a flash back to our October raid experience!! Lol. You can't beat the kind of "I might go to jail for this" excitement. Anywho, Jamee decided that she wanted some sunglasses...if you've never been to Canal St...lemme tell can get anything there! Counterfeit Jimmy Choo purses, fake Gucci glasses, fake Christian Louboutins, all kinds of jewelry, food...and even bubble guns! You just have to remember to haggle!!! So I talked my Canal St boyfriend down to $5, then this chick (Jamee) decides she doesn't want them. Smh. While going in and out of all the little shopping holes, I told Jamee she likes flashy stuff...while I like things a little more understated. My imitation of J went a little like this..."Look at meeeeeee! I'm flaaaashy!" *cartoon voice*. This got a chuckle out of her. Little did I know this would marinate in her mind for the next 37 minutes!! Lol. While waiting for the 6 train she says...."so back to our earlier you think I'm flashy, huh? Why?" lol. My response "who else would wear a short jumpsuit with a slit in the middle...during the day?!? I'm not saying your style is bad!" Her response? "I wouldn't care if you did"...spoken like a true style diva. Lol. Def meant for NY!

"Bubble gun...$5 $5" *in my best African accent*

Overall, today was ok...just ok. We took a step backwards with our public transportation knowledge...not complete public transportation death...but definitely a few "Ummmmm....we're supposed to be on that side of the station!" moments. A few disgusting apartments....and a little re-evaluation of our expectations of our new lives. I'm realizing more and more that this whole experience will be a series of trial and error. But for us, it's all worth it. For me, this picture explains a thousand funny words...and I can never go back to this life. Lol.

DE-evolution of ppl's lives in corporate America. Lol. Its the truth!
So I gotta make it do what it do! I guess if all else fails, I can get my complete life reading for $5 to figure this thing out! Oh Canal

Ad for "complete" life readings...ON SALE!

That is all. Goodnight!

Are we there yet?!? More like Have we ATE yet?!?

So friends I had this long post about today’s experience only to be left with what you see above... The title.... just as I was literally logging in to paste from Word, my comp decides it wanted to freeze and auto recovery failed at saving my work :-((((. Therefore I’m signing off and once I'm done being ANGRY I will try and recreate my post.

Signed Pissed in New York-
Jamee J.

Monday, August 9, 2010

What's Today Yo?!?

Today was a good day *Ice Cube voice*...
Since we've been here, the days have been long and we have no sense of what day of the week it is. Me and Jamee have asked each other many times "What is today?". Don't ask me why.

Train Progress....

Anywho, we made a lot of progress thus far! First, we DID NOT get lost on the all!! I don't know about you...but I'm definitely patting both of us on the back! Our train ride started off with an old man aggressively saying "EXCUSE ME!" to Jamee while briskly shuffling to an open was almost like he was saying "MOVE TRICK!!! I'M ELDERLY"...clearly a native NYer. Lol. And, for some reason, while listening to Beyonce's "Video Phone" on my ipod, I had the urge to break out into dance....but I repressed the urge. But the reality is...when you really think about it...if I danced on the subway...I bet no one would care. NYers are used to randomness on the train. In my 3 day experience, I've learned to ignore train ignorance...and make no eye contact with the ignorantor (person who is committing the ignorant act). Lol. Maybe one day I'll dance on the train *jotting on NY bucket list*. When we got off the train, I wondered (once again) why the random man with the half body (literally no legs at all) was outside of the train station chillin'. I mean...its cool...but why? Yesterday, he was chillin' on a hospital he was chillin' in a wheel chair. I can't be the only person who thinks this is weird!!! It didn't look like he was waiting for anybody. It was almost as if he was just a dude chillin' at the barbershop on a Saturday morning. Hmmm...maybe one day I'll find out.

Apartment Progress....

We actually saw some really good apartments today...and we now have a new roommate *Hey Saba girl!* Lol. For some odd NY, it seems like all bedrooms cost the same. You can get a 1 bedroom for $1500...a 2 bedroom for $1800...and a 3 bedroom for $2000...or something like that. Point: There's not as much of a price variance as you would think. So, why not have more roommates to bring the cost down? Right...we're smart. We've collectively decided that we love Central Harlem. So we're looking at 3 bedrooms there...which still scares my mother for some reason. Oh well! Lol.

I'm really feeling good about my decision to take a risk and just go with the flow! I'm truly living life with no safety net right now...and I'm proud of myelf. Lol. Aight Yo! Until tomorrow....

P.S. I finally got my street fruit today!

New to New York

Well well well where should I start! Deciding to leave life as I once knew it to pursue my hopes and dreams has led me to…....well in order to take you to where im going let me start with where I've been:

*insert tape rewind noise here*
Sometime in 09 I made the decision that 2010 would be the year I actually “DID IT”. That’s right pack up everything I owned, quit my “corporate America” job and head to the city that never sleeps (somebody slip me an Ambien)
Ok that’s a brief enough synopsis

*insert fast forward noise here*
August 7th 2010:
Arrived to the airport at 6:30 am with a bag 19 pounds over weight and paying $80 bucks to check it. Talk about P.O’d. Mind you, I had officially been up for 22 hours, after spending an awesome night with friends and family.
Sleep deprived and pissed about spending $80 bucks, I began to think I was having hallucinations when I looked over to what appeared to be music artist B.o.B on my flight! Turns out my eyes weren’t playing tricks on me and it was actually him.

August 8th 2010:
Official first full day in the city and let me start out by saying track did and still does a body g-o-double-d! I swear I walked 297593925989839 miles in one day with the hopes of finding that perfect apartment. Talk about wasting no time huh? The most valuable lessoned learned this day is that we can never leave the house less than 2 hours ahead of time. (yes 2 WHOLE hours). Picture riding the train the WRONG way for 13 stops, convo between Dani and I goes something like this, “How did we suddenly turn the wrong way? I mean we didn’t feel the train make an about face did we?” Moral to the story is that the light bulbs turn off once a stop has been reached NOT light up. (If you’re an NY’er you know what I’m talking about) OMG how could I forget the most prominent detail to this day?!?! Well as you may have read in my counter parts post the Boo-Boo man really does exists! I had never seen such craziness or smelt such foolishness in my life. This poor homeless guy was parading up and down the train drunk with a full load. “Welcome to New York” a lady tells us as she exits the train.

I could be here all day recanting the actions of our last 72 hours but this post is getting long and I’m getting hot (who knew the heat would follow me all the way from Texas). Stay tuned as we make our way and take on the concrete jungle!!

Jamee J.

The NY Newbie Experience-Day 2

Before the big day, I felt like I was at the middle of the hill of a rollercoaster…it was as if my stomach was getting tight preparing for the drop!! All of the months of talking and planning were about to spring into action really quickly…I asked myself “Are we ready?” Probably not. But you can never be ready for this kind of adventure…ya undastand (in my Juvenile voice).

We got to NYC with tons of excitement and little to no sleep!! We’d both spent the previous night getting in our last kicks with the homies!! But sleep deprivation did not bother us at all…WE’RE IN NYC!!! FINALLY!! We’ve learned and experienced so much in the past 2 days:

~It’s ok to ask the natives…all NYers aren’t ridiculously mean!

Native NYers have actually been pretty helpful! Maybe they see the “deer in headlights” looks on our faces? Lol. Naw, just kidding…we’ve been trying to walk around like we’ve been here for years. Right off the plane, we had planned on taking the Super Shuttle from the airport…but someone suggested a cab. You’re probably thinking “but cabs are expensive”…but the Super Shuttle would have cost us $76….our taxi ride was $16. Lol. *wipes brow*
And, we walked in a pizzeria to buy water…and walked out with 5 HUGE slices of pizza…FOR FREE!
They’ve also been ok about helping with directions when we’ve been lost.

~You might wanna go the right direction on the subway!

We can’t tell you how many times we’ve gotten lost so far. It’s not cool to go 10, 12 stops before realizing you’re going the wrong way!!! Lol. We’ve missed appointments because we’ve been lost. I, for one, am missing my Toyota Camry at this point in time. Lol. But you know what…you can always learn through trial and error. Public transportation will NOT defeat us!!

~The boogie man really exists…or at least the BOO BOO man!

Sooo….on one of our subway excursions, we saw a homeless man with a limp asking for money at the front of the train. No big deal…not abnormal. We then started to notice passengers getting up and moving to the back of the train…or even switching trains all together!! Then, we figured out why as the man came closer to us. This man had used the bathroom on himself…and I mean for real for real…like #2!!!! O-M-G! I never in my life want to SEE or SMELL another adult. Really…you should never have boo boo running down your leg. Like for real. Lol.

~Everything is expensive (yeah we knew)…but now we know its HELLA expensive!!

Frosted flakes should never be $5.18. And a Schick intuition razor should never be $14.99. PERIOD. No more cereal for me. My diet shall now consist of fruit and noodles…3 for $4 mangoes on the corner. Lol. *JK…don’t worry Mom*

My question to any NYers out there…WHERE DO YOU GO GROCERY SHOPPING?!?!?

~You absolutely MUST have a phone with Apps or the internet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We absolutely relied on google maps and hop stop to get around. Without it…public transportation death! Lol. The really horrible thing for me was not having my iPhone. It suddenly died shortly after we arrived on Saturday! So I was without a phone for almost 2 days until I went to the Apple store and exchanged it. During this period I truly went through iPhone withdrawal!!! Shivers…headaches…night sweats…seriously! I had so many apps that I NEEDED!! Never again…can I go without my phone. Lol.

I know I’m leaving out a lot…but so much has happened over the past few days, that my mind can’t even process everything! And I know this blog post seems kinda long…but the ones in the future will be a little more brief and entertaining! Make sure you come back and check out our CONCRETE JUNGLE CHRONICLES!