Friday, July 15, 2011

Its getting HOT in herre!

Hey kiddies! It’s me, you know the other blogger on this blog.. Jamee! So much to discuss so little time so let’s get to it! So summer is here and yall already know what that means; short skirts and booty shorts! Ok I'm lying, I wear neither of the two, but summer is here and I'm loving every minute of it. However, for some reason I feel like it’s already over. Is it just me, or does it seem like time just flies with the blink of an eye! It used to be that a year went by sooo slow, but now you wake up to January 1st then go to sleep its December 31st all over again sheesh. Any who here is a quick recap of the happenin's as of late:

-Yours Truly celebrated my 25th bday!!:  (Yes I turned 25, forever 25 is my motto and that’s the age I will be even when I die!)  I'd planned on making a trip out of town and hanging with the bestie, but that didn't happen so I ended up staying in the city and partied with my roomies.  It was a low key bday but nonetheless I had fun!

-Girl it's a photo shoot!.- We did a photo shoot for our tees Yes I know you’re wondering what’s the deal with this little nugget of a project, but don’t worry we're getting it together and you guys will be the first to know

-Cancers Unite!: Late June early July has been filled with tons of b-days. A number of our friends celebrated b-days and we had fun celebrating with them . From Aisha's b-day weekend that consisted of an excel spreadsheet that listed daily plans and open bars to Chi Chi's karaoke shindig! S/O to Lydia for being the Karaoke Queen! She kept us laughing THE entire time. Oh and I can’t forget Saba's classic Keyshia Cole rendition of "Love" (refer to pics below)

-Movie in the Park: So as many of you know NYC always has something going on so one weekday me and some of the gals hit up Bryant Park to watch a movie. We watched Men Prefer Blondes (Fellas is this true??) starring the one and only Marilyn Monroe. Although I already knew she was a classic beauty, I was still amazed by her beauty on screen, she was downright gorg!

-Still single in Brooklyn..... enough said. I think I need counseling :-s

-Got a new Job! Yay me!!! I start August 1st so I will let you guys know how it goes :)

-As usual so many other random things have taken place and since this is getting too long I'll leave it at this. I have tons of pics to share but I'll only share a few and if you're my fb friend you've already seen them but for those who are not enjoy :)

Me and Sabie :)

Happy B-day to me!

Classic Hood Dani

Cause we like to party!
4th of July cookout
Back seat confessions
Karoke was a  blast!
Karoke Entertainer Lydia

Bed Stuy pride baby!
Bed Stuy stand up!
Some of Bed Stuy's finest!  ( you would think I was born and raised here huh haha)
Dont cha wish your roomies were hot like mine...don't cha!
 Pretty ladies!
 Sang that song girl.. sang!
Movie time :)

Till next time lovers!

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