Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Summa Summa Summatime!

So last Saturday we went to Atlantic City! It was....uhhhh...hmmmm...an interesting trip! Lol. To be honest, it started off kinda hellishly (I love my made up word...sorry). But hey...it was something to do...and overall I had fun. Lol. Take a peek:

And we're off to AC!

The bus was freezing, so Jamee decided to build a wall of paper towels to "block" the air. And yes, she was convinced this would help *rolls eyes*

Within 10 minutes on the road J.Nicole and Aisha were knocked out! Don't you just love when your friends post not so cute pics online?! LOL. So here's a cute one! *Hey girls!*

The 1st hour in AC sucked...so we tried to escape to the outlets down the street...Jamee J tryna hitchhike!

But then suddenly we got the call that we (or Aisha and J. Nicole) were almost at the front of the line...so we starting sprinting back!

On the way back we saw a bunch of randomness

Line after line...after line. Lol.

Ching! Ching! Ching!

Big Ballin is my hobby!

I can quit my job...I won...$13.80

Look how much Jamee won....nothing...nada...zilch! Ha haaaaa!

"Gimme all yo money lady!"
"Oh no! Its a guuuuuunnnn!"

After a trip around the casino looking for food...J Nicole finally got mad and stole some chopsticks! Take that Asian Diner! Take that! Take that!

Patti the singing bartender


They definitely encourage you to drink in AC. Lol.

Hmmmm...I just wanna understand why there was a petition to get cats on the beach. *shrugs*

On the boardwalk

After a day in the casinos and hanging out on the boardwalk...we decided to hit the "other" side of AC...the backalley.

As I was about to climb the fence, a police officer on a bike caught me...if you squint you can see him in the background. I said to him "gasp! no! I was just kidding...I wasn't about to climb the fence! Hehe!" Look at the face of fear! Lol.

Drama Queen Jamee "Take me instead officer!"

So we thought it would be fun to take blurry pics of us jumping in the air and clapping our feet in the alley behind the casino....

More random feet clapping in the back alley...Aisha decided to join in the foolishness!

Signature Danielle hood pose

A little interpretive dance in the back alley? *shrugs* Don't ask!

Heading back to NYC...Now time for a little Rick Ross!

Our crazy non-puntual bus driver...sigh...oh Alan!

The End of my brief picture story...now fill in the blanks for the rest! Lol.

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