Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Clean up: Spilled baby hair gel on aisle 5

Ok...so on my last trip to Ohio...my dear friend Salina and I went on a late night trip to Walmart!

Ya'll know I didn't pack a lot of clothes this trip...a girl needs the necessities!

Blood pressure check! Dr. Oz said you gotta know your numbers!!

Yes...Salina is really riding a bike in Walmart


In my former life, I had a white baby. Lol.

Remember the babies with the bad synthetic hair?!I used to always try to cut mine like Halle Berry!

Really?! They still make Baby Alive?!

A mile long aisle of "ethnic haircare"...oh Walmart! Walmart is so good as capitalizing on the needs of a specific market.

Please read the deets: "for EDGES, BABY HAIR, and sculpted Styles" BABY HAIR?!?Please note it doesn't say "Baby's hair"...they mean the process of ADULTS taking a toothbrush and brushing their "baby hair" down onto their foreheads!!! WTH?!? Lol.

Ooooh! I can buy HAIR in Walmart now?! Only $6.97!

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