Monday, May 16, 2011

More Train Debaucheries

Ill try and make this one brief, but I had to tell you guys what happen on the train Friday night....

So Friday night Dani and I decided to go hang out with some friends in Harlem. P.s. the nights are starting to stay somewhat warm, I can now wear a light jacket instead of a scarf AND a jacket *happy dance* as usual I digress... So any way, we make our way down lovely Malcolm X blvd (why is there always a street named after a honorable African American in the hood?) and to our surprise there was NOBODY do you hear me NOBODY outside!! Now if you guys follow Dani and I on Twitter you would know how we are always talking about the shenanigans that take place on our escapades down the block. But for some odd and strange reason there was not a soul outside :-s.... Any who, we make our way to the train and prepare for our 45 min train ride... All is going smoothly until two "happy" guys get on the train. They were visibly drunk and look to be having a grand time. Side note: I have been looking for a "happy" guy friend for the longest and these two fellas looked like they had potential! They were so cute, stylish and outgoing. (Don’t ask why I want a happy bff, they just seem to be cool and could bring laughter to my life and we all know I loves to laugh!) So yea back to the story… The two guys who I’m going to call Ren and Stimpy were just laughing and kiking it up on the train. At this point they were sitting away from us, but we could hear them as they talked to two other ladies who looked like they were about to paint the town red. The girls get off the train and Ren slaps one of the girls on the thigh and tells her "You betta werk them shorts gurl" and as she exits  the train he turns to Stimpy and says, “Gurl she was wearing those shorts w/ her big a$$, OK!” They then look over to me and Dani, and Ren says, "Gurl I love those fuchsia shoes!" and to Dani "I love your hair gurl!" They then move and come sit directly across from us… Ren and Stemp begin to tell us where they are going and come to find out we stay in the same neighborhood. They tell us they are going to "G lounge" and its a club where "Industry Gays" go. Industry gays you might ask? "You know models, photographers, etc" as they put it. At this point things are looking good they look like they just might be the right candidates to be our bffs. But here is where the story gets interesting... so we arrive at the stop in which they were getting off, we say our goodbye’s, and as they are standing for the train to come to a stop I see Stimp pull out a small container of some sort and pours a line on his hand. I’m sure the look on my face was nothing short of pure shock as I kept trying to get Dani to look. Stimpy appeared to snort a line of coke right before my very eyes!!!! I'd never seen such things in all my  life, let alone on the darn train! Ren notices what Stimpy is doing and says,  “Gurl you better not do that crap in the club"... Stimpy then fixes his nostrils and they hop of the train. At that very second I turn to Dani and say OMG DID YOU SEE WHAT JUST HAPPEN?! (to some this may not be shocking but where I’m from these things aren’t the norm so shoot me) She says no what, and just then Stimpy hops back on the train and says you should call me and begins to shout out his number! Gotta love the train J

Yea so I lied, I tried to make it short but it didn’t quite happen...bite me :-p


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  1. HILARIOUS! Gotta love the train debaucheries!