Monday, May 2, 2011

April Showers Brings May Flowers

Hey Kiddies , so after that good March run of posts, I slipped back to my old habits and stopped posting but don't worry I'm alive. Nothing to specific nor exciting to share in this post just a lil something something...the weather has been warming up slowly but surely but all the rain is making me feel like I'm back in Houston! For those that don't know in Houston it rains all THE time, but then the sun comes out and the humidity makes it  feel nothing short of how I'm sure hell must feel.

In case you were sitting at home curious as to what my dating status is.. You should know I'm still single and ready to mingle, however sometimes I find myself wanting a full time boo. Dani keeps telling me I'm going through a phase, and although I know shes right, for the month of April at least 10 of those days I've had the urge to want the one word that brings sheer anxiety to my heart --->a boyfriend :-/ ... I shortly come to, and rem NY is no place for a relationship........ I still need to do my  post on dating, but I'm leaving it for the summer because I have this weird feeling something interesting is bound to happen. Well something interesting already happen but I cant speak on it, someone should ask Dani about it! *insider* hahahaha

As referenced in a previous post from Dani we are starting a T-shirt line....I know your probably thinking what?! A tshirt line. But yes a T-shirt line, Dani and I have spent countless hours coming up with get rich ideas and formulating plans on how to not work for the "man". So we've finally decided to take the training wheels off and get the ball rolling. Life is to short to always plan but never execute. The concept is still coming together so we will keep you guys posted! #M2bF is all I will share for now :)

Well like I said this post really has no grand story to it, just thought I stop by show my face and share some random pics I found in my phone. You should know once again I have no camera....(dropped it in SAND and the lens got stuck....I'm gonna send it in for repair and hopefully it can be salvaged)

 showing my face as promised :)
 Rain Bonnets are no longer just for the elderly....
 Found in my bed the morning after a night out....they say eat bread to soak up the alcohol....hey I tried
 Dude da' Bunny........My how Easter times have changed
 Penn Relays 2011...that's my girl Gloria Asumnu on first leg for USA blue! So far away but you get the point
 A rare sighting at Mickie D's..Barbecue and Sweet and Sour sauce in a dispenser!
 All we were missing was our freeze cup...haha
 A small piece of heaven on earth
 The Bestie and I in Miami

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  1. I have a shirt design jonsey, you know what it is!:) Maat/ a lotus flower with petals that say truth justice peace harmony. you can even add something to back- JOY And LOVE! cute pic of u and tasha! Angel is here and he asked about you two!lol