Tuesday, March 1, 2011

February L-O-V-E!

Hey guys! Here is a wrap up of Feb's activities:

Yee-Haw!: So earlier this month I went to Tejas to visit with fam and friends. What I thought would be a break from Winter Wonder Land turned out to be just the opposite. The Weather was HORRIBLE! Picture flights being delayed, panic stricken Texans fearing snowmageddon and all sorts of other foolishness (yea I know Im talking like Im just a pro at this cold weather thing, but I honestly got a kick seeing the hysteria of how my fellow Texans dealt with the snow :) ). Aside from the weather, I had a ball!! I got to see my fav Aunt (Hey!! Sarah D) and Bestie,which could of very well been the highlight of my trip. A few words to describe Sascha and I when we get together is pure comedy and randomness that only the two of us probably appreciate. I also got to hang out with some other friends who showed me a gooood time (Hey Shelby, Marie, and Fallon!). To sum it all up my Texas trip was just the lil mini vaca I needed.

Family Dinner: So once a month (give or take), me and some of the girls get together to have great food, and chat about whatever comes to mind. This month’s  theme was Mexican food and Margaritas! *Insert maranga music here* Fun times are always had with this group of girls :)

Malcolm X Documentary: In honor of Black History Month we went to the Studio Museum in Harlem and watched a documentary on the one and only Mr. X. I can honestly say I walked away with a different insight to Malcolm X and learned some new things. The museum was nice and made me want to go visit others. (Hint, hint to future boo's)

Nkonye's Going Away Shin-dig: So our friend Nkonye is moving to China! Like Dani and I, Nkonye packed up and moved to NY from Dallas to pursue goals but now she’s off to other adventures and will be working in China! Congrats to her and I wish her all the best (told you I have some great and ambitious friends)

A few other random things took place but over all February was a good month. As of today the weather maybe looking up and hopefully Spring time is soon approaching!!

Enjoy some pics below:

The bestie, Isn't she HOT!
My Aunt Dee! The bestest aunt & biggest Cowboy fan in the ENTIRE world!


Me, Fallon, Shelby,Marie,and Sascha

p-p-p-pucker face! (yes I know its poker)
Marie and her boo! bahaha jk some random man...he was nice though
We love the free stuff!
oops someone's not ready!
Check out J. Nicole's face! Gangsta
Hey Laura!

Yummy Yummy get in my Tummy!

  This one always posing for the camera! 

Bye Nkonye! Oh did I mention she models too!
AND she has cool hair!

Till Next time yall!

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