Tuesday, March 8, 2011

What would you do for Eel?!?

Would you lie, cheat, and kill?
Would you text harass your friends for information?
Would you get on 3 forms of public transportation?
Would you commute for an hour?
When all else fails would you ask a random pedestrian to help you get to St. Marks street?
Would you punch a bum?
Would you wade through a crowd of hipsters and smoke?
Would you slap a rude waitress?
Would you wait an additional hour for your sushi?

We've all had that craving for something...and sometimes out of pure desperation you'll go through all types of recklessness just to get it!! That's how me and J felt about getting back to Sushi Lounge. After all the craziness (described above), we finally got our sushi!!! And it was YUMMY!

Before deciding on sushi, we reluctantly started at Friday's (don't judge us!)...after seeing it was $18 for a cheeseburger (pure recklessness) we decided to get something we actually wanted! Seriously...its only Fridays! So we lied to our waitress and told her we were leaving because our friends who were supposed to join weren't coming anymore! Lol. Yeah so we lied...oh well!

After not eating all day...we had to make a pit stop at Wendy's before our trek in search of Sushi Lounge! And yes...we both only ordered fries!! I know...very random.

An hour later we finally made it to SUSHI LOUNGE *insert cabbage patch dance*

The BBQ eel I had been dreaming about for months!! Trust me...its good!Tastes just like chicken! Jk.

Jamee decided to go for the Dancing Spicy Tuna. If you know me...you know I've never had tuna...EVER! I refuse to eat cat food....but I digress.

And clearly J didn't like all of it either. Haha! She scraped off the cat food...I mean raw tuna! *eeewwwww*

Next time we'll have to throw in a few sakitini's!!

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  1. bahahahaha "Would you punch a bum?" I hear this in my head like some type of trivia question!

    Are you sure thats not raw ground meat?! lol