Tuesday, March 8, 2011

When the domestic life goes wrong....

So I should be really ashamed to put this info out into the world...but its so sad its funny! Me and Jamee both HATE going to to wash clothes! You guys know...because it always creeps into our blog posts! Sooooo...we accidentally waited 2 MONTHS to wash clothes *lowers head*. The lack of clean clothes looks like this....

Our 2 months of dirty clothes combined....disgraceful!

Because I had to clothes, I had to make up an outfit! Notice I'm wearing capri with tall knee socks and a cut up tee.

When the boots come off...you'll notice the red hosiery socks. Lol.

But when put together its not as bad! That's my rationalization. Lol.

We keep saying we'll never let it build up again...and maybe we won't this time...bc that was a treacherous chore! Who knows?!?

Feel free to ship us a free washer and dryer combo...or a gift card to a wash and fold service.

Thanks :)

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  1. It will happen again. I say that every time I have a ton of clothes to wash and it happens EVERY TIME. U think I'd learn. But I don't. At least the weather's getting better :)