Sunday, November 14, 2010

Clean up on aisle 3...4...10...and 12

So its been awhile since I've chatted with you guys...but I'm here! Today, me and Jamee did one of our "favorite" shopping! Grocery shopping in New York is such an episode!! It can be an alllllll daaaaaaaaay task!!! Train or taxi there...train or taxi (more likely scenario) back...dragging around your granny cart! For my non-NYers...everyone here has a cart (or at least they should...or they're trying to be cute)!

There's a lot of stuff to consider before going...corner store/bodega...local neighborhood grocery store, Target, or the NY "chain" grocery store. I can say...I HATE all of those options!! Somebody give me a Kroger or Tom Thumb!!! Its so bad I even had a DREAM about going to the dream I was so excited because they had fruit snacks or something 2/$5!!! I spent sooo long deciding which kind I want (bc there were so many options) that my brother had to come in the store to get me. Lol. Needless to say...I miss grocery shopping OUTSIDE of NY!!

The reason I hate it so much is because of the overpriced food, lack of fresh fruit/vegetable options, freshness, and suspectability (if that's a word) and cleanliness of the store in general. But the fun thing about grocery shopping in NY is all the interesting randomness you'll see. Our food destination of "choice" today was Pathmark. Take a peek at today's foolishness:

This lovely pack of rotting meat was waiting for us in the frozen meat section :/

When have you ever seen lean cuisine's for $4.49...what happened to the 5 for $10 days of shopping in Texas?!?

Hmmm...this milk says the expiration date is 11/7...last time I is 11/14!!!!! ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING!

I just want bread...I wasn't looking for the poisonous apple from Sleeping Beauty.

Normally you see gum, tabloid mags, and 5 hr energy...I guess now you can get melted ice cream and room temperature pasta while waiting to check out! Smh.

After our trip...I seriously felt like contacting ABC news or something!!! Until then...I'll be expecting care boxes when I go to Ohio next week. (Ahem!)

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