Thursday, February 3, 2011

N.Y.C (Nails You Can't resist)

So although I went on that long spill (refer to My PSA ) about how I hope you guys don't mind that I share things that don't really pertain to NY--well after some thought, I think I may have to reconsider that idea, or otherwise this blog will end up with a modge podge of posts from me, considering how random my thoughts can be :-s. Hoooowever, I couldn't resist posting these pics of some fabulous nails!!! (I love love bright colors and usually keep my nails painted,but as of late I've seriously been slacking. SERIOUSLY you should see my nails :-/) But after seeing these lovely beauties I'm inspired to head to the nail shop ASAP! Speaking of which I really want to check out Valley Nails here in NYC. I found out about this place b/c I stopped a girl on the bus a while ago and her her nails were divine. I checked out their website and saw they specialize in custom designs, Ill keep you posted on when I finally make it there! Look at that, I was able to tie in NY after all!
(Pssssst I realize I may have been stretching it with the title of the post, but hey I'm trying ;)) 

*Light bulb Moment* So I just might have come up with a way I can tie in all my random thoughts and make them apply to NY.... Stay tuned................

Cute Birthday Nails
Reblogging some of my favorite Nails from 2010
Rudegyals ;)
Me & my Dog
Pink: P2 Color Victim 260 Drama
Black: P2 Color Victim 210 Eternal
Others: Acrylic Colors
Topcoat: Essie Good to go!
Keep It Real!
Part of a new design…
Pop Art
Pink: P2 Color Victim 260 Drama
Turquoise: P2 Color Victim 222 Artful
Others: Acrylic Colors
Topcoat: Essie Good to go!
Peacock & Leopard


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  1. OMG those nails are gonna so this to Kaleigh when we get home, what do you bet she is gonna want