Thursday, February 3, 2011

New York Winter Wonder...Hazard

And Slush.

Oh My!

Freezing Rain.
Rolling tumbles.

All things related to winters in NYC. THANKFULLY I have not dealt with the falls, rolls, or fractures thus far!! But I have had a few slips and "hallelujah" hand know...that motion most people do when they are about to fall and are trying to regain their balance!! You know what I'm talking about! Anywho, today I had at least 2 near fatal falls. Not busting your booty on the ice is definitely a science to be studied and practiced!! I must say...I am so scared about falling in front of a ton of people...especially at the Utica train stop in BK. I just know the people around here would prob bust out laughing like I just got knocked out like Debo from Friday!

Can somebody please give me a glimmer of hope by telling me this "beautiful" weather is almost over?!? Yesterday I was super late to work because the trains were jacked...and the dirty nasty snow seems to be taking over the city. This must end!!! Times like this reallllllly make me miss driving in my lil' camry in Dallas. Lol. And I know people always say "shouldn't you be used to the snow? You're from Ohio!!!" WELL...I didn't have to walk more than a block or two...IF EVER when I lived in Ohio! Trust me when I say its completely different!

Snowboots...The best investment a girl can make!

Probably Jamee’s 1st snowsuit! Lol.

A picture of the winter wonderhazard from my stoop...notice the pick-up truck covered in snow!

The ice on our sidewalk finally melted! Yes!

Our next door neighbors front patio...full of snow!!

I think I have the solution to my snow blues...beginning next year, I'll live in Miami in the winter...and New York in the summer. Problem solved! Ok...maybe not. But I'm ready for the snow and ice to leave me alone!! Please come back to me Summer! Heck! I’ll even settle for Spring! Lol.


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