Monday, January 24, 2011

Trader Joe's...where have you been all my NY life?!? guys know my MOST HATED things about NY are the inconviences of laundry and grocery shopping! we approach our 6 month anniversary...we are finally starting to figure things out!

I always talked about my disgusting findings at my new favorite place to go for nourishment is TRADER JOE'S! It's CLEAN...and you can find HEALTHIER and YUMMIER (is that a word?!) things there!! I love that place! I bet you'll wanna come eat at our place now (wontcha ?! wontcha?!?)

Jamee pushing our little grocery cart...please note this is a fake smile...we had just concluded a 4 hour shopping trip w/o the use of a taxi as usual...NEVER AGAIN! Lol.

Another of our shopping aides on that long shopping trip....
Yummy...look at the whole wheat bread and pasta. This is my attempt at being healthy. Lol. My roommates know I LOVE white bread! (Don't judge me)

Yo! Our snack cabinet is always on point...its was overflowing!
So...we thought (or Jamee thought) these pomegranate seeds would be delicious! WRONG! It was like CRUNCHING on a batch of nail polish remover soaked kernels! Ewwww!

MY NEW FAVORITE SNACK! With some chai tea latte?!? WHAT?!? Yes!

Moral of the story: You can find some yummy and interesting stuff in Trader Joe's! AND its not NASTY like PATHMARK!

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