Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Ima call you New New...cause its a New Year duh!

Ok enough with the trying to be serious tone lets get to the fun stuff!! Since it’s a new year I’ll start off with new things. So I got somewhat of a new job, well not really I just moved to a different area, but I’m excited to see the possible potential I have here. They say God works in mysterious ways and I’m watching him work despite uncertainty… I have new friends! You would be surprised at how true the 6 degrees (which I now believe is 2 degrees) of separation really is! I’ve met so many people who have either a common friend, origin, or interest as lil ol’me. I want to say new out look on life but just b/c it’s a new year I don’t believe you have to try and revamp your life and start all over. I just want to stick to my core outlook and do better at achieving my goals and aspirations. Hmm what else is new… I wish I could say new boo, but that department is seriously lacking (maybe that should be a post on its own….in fact it will be). Over all with a new year here I know it brings new challenges, goals, achievements, love, friends and one of my favs laughter! I look forward to all the new things, people and life lessons that are ahead! On that note I know I’m Exxxxxtra late, but better late than never…. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!

Enjoy some of the pics from my unforgettable (insider) New Years Eve ;) P.s. Finally got a new camera (yay me!)

~Jamee J.

(Us girls!)

(From Dallas to NY!)

(Hey peeps!)

(Some of my new Friends!)

(I coulda sworn it was NY Eve not Halloween...)

(Snow ball fight!! ok not really they're just good actors!)

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