Monday, January 10, 2011

Danielle's Random Thoughts of the Day

Train Dancing: One of my favorite things to see while out and about in NYC is a good street performance...singing, dancing, crazy randomness! I've seen some serious train dancing America's Best Dance Crew (MTV) type of stuff! Think acrobatic flips, breakin, "boom box" and all. When I really think about really takes guts to dance on a train. Its actually kinda dangerous. I actually saw a dude bust his head on the train ceiling once...but he kept going. LOL.

The non-15%ers: Soooo...working in retail, you interact with all kinds of people. And things can get kinda crazy when there's a sale. And it always cracks me up when people ask me how much something will be with the discount. Maybe the public educational system should focus a little more percentages...because people never know how to figure out how much 15% off equates to. Lol. Maybe it just seems easy to me because I've always been in retail? IDK. Lol.

The not so secret secret: It kills me when I see chicks with weave wear "their hair" up in a ponytail. THAT'S NOT YOUR HAIR!! And we all know your secret! PLEASE JUST STOP! Thank you. Lol.

Come on guys...really?!: Why is it that when some guys on the street tell you you're pretty...they feel the need to look you up and down with THE LOOK? You know...that "I'm kinda crazy and just got out of prison" look? I just want to understand.

Ok...that's enough. Toodles!

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