Saturday, April 30, 2011


Sooo last Saturday, as Jamee and I were sitting around chatting on a cool rainy day we somehow got on the subject of wanting lemonpepper wings. Just to give you a little background, I didn't really become a big lemonpepper wing fan until I moved to Dallas and discovered a little place called WingStop! I love them so much that I made a point of going to WingStop the day before I officially moved...knowing that it would be a looong time before I had them again.

And considering the fact that we had no food in our place (and we still don't)...the urge to find lemonpepper wings became stronger! So we put out an APB for lemonpepper wings...tapping into our social networks, text harrassing friends, and of course google. Wings are not a big thing in NYC, so our NY friends had no clue where to find lemonpepper wings. But of came to the rescue! As I typed in "lemonpepper wings NYC"...I found an article that mention WingStop. My first response? "NOOOOO! NOOOO! THERE ISN'T REALLY A WINGSTOP IN NYC! OMG!" I didn't believe I went to WingStop's website...and then even called just to make sure it was real!

Our motivation for the long trip....we prob shoulda been trekking to the grocery store! lol

That's where our Saturday travel plans developed. We google mapped the location in Astoria (Queens)...and it said 1 hr and 4 minutes by public transportation!!! We even considered renting a ZipCar for a few hours...but after calculating that it would cost us about $100...our rational minds kicked back in. Lol. So we thought "are we really gonna travel over an hour just to get wings?!?"...."Ummmmm....YES!"

"So I guess we're really gonna do this?"

It felt like the longest ride known to man, but it was def worth it! We were so happy that we decided to do it once a month! LOL.

Yum!! We bought a ton of wings with the intent of taking some home for later!


So for Easter, we both stayed in NY instead to going home for family time. It was cool though bc we decided to get a little soul food as consolation. Our destination of choice was Amy Ruth's in Harlem! It was super yummy...way better than Sylvia's. I finally got the fried fish I had been craving! was a good weekend for yummy (fattening) food. Maybe this weekend I'll eat salads to balance it out. Lol

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