Saturday, April 30, 2011

Just gimme a bat and a sketchpad!

This week my friend Stephen from Dallas (Hey Stephen!) was in town and invited me to the Yankee's game! 1st...I've never been to a Yankee's game...2nd...I had never been to The Bronx! So I knocked out 2 birds with 1 stone. I had a blast! And even tried to act like I knew what was going on! Lol. Live sporting events are so much fun bc you find yourself really getting into it, even if you weren't a huge fan before. Playing the fan games...singing the songs...and eating stadium times! Here's a few pics:

On crowded train on the way to the game...Stephen thought this pic was hilarious. Lol.

Yay! We made it!

The crew

Me and Stephen!

Us again after the game

Another fun thing from this week....
For the past few months I was involved with a project between the jewelry design students at FIT and the Palladium association (Palladium is Platinum's little cousin). We were challenged to create a design using palladium using inspiration received from fashion bloggers also involved in the project. It was such an amazing real life experience! And we were even given one of our finished pieces...which I'll be wearing everyday for awhile probably (Im just obsessive like that sometimes lol). Here's the pics:

The Inspiration

My Initial Sketch

The Finished Cuff!!!

My cuff and my ring from a previous project....

My school friends made some pieces that really rocked out too!

We are the future!

Even Vivienne Westwood did a Couture collection with the Palladium Association

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