Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Summer--Oh Summer! Stop Avoiding me!

I haven't written anything in awhile because not much has been going on!! I've been eagerly awaiting the official start of Spring! You guys spent the whole winter reading my complaints about the snow...so I'm desperately in need of Spring to get here...bc that means Summer is just around the corner!! Since the weather has let up a little we've been getting out a little bit more....

Birthday celebrations

For my birthday I wanted my friends to dress up as their alter egos! My name was Bianca Lovelace and Jamee was Golden Banks! Pics below!

We also celebrated my friend Lenore's birthday! She's great and had a lot of amazing people at her brunch! Check out her website www.LenoreCoer.com (I just felt like giving her a random S/O) Hey Lenore!

Family dinners
We do these every month...pretty much! Fun times always!

Also, we went to a really cool event where Jesse Boykins performed (I heart him!)...sorry no pics! But it was fun. And as always we've been meeting more new people! Coming up in the next few weeks we have some fun stuff planned!

Friday we have the Disco Roller Derby...I know this is gonna be absolutely hilarious! Especially considering the fact that I am a HORRIBLE skater! Don't ask me why! All the things people learned how to do when they were little are not my thing...skating...swimming...hula hooping! Idk. I simply suck at them all. lol. I didn't really get decent at hula hooping until I was in college (so sad). So I should have crazy pics of us all dressed up in our Disco roller skating clothes!

Oh yeah...me and Jamee will also be starting a line of T's this summer. More details coming soon. LOL #M2bF <----Purposely vague statement lol

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  1. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh the cat is out the bag!!!! #M2bF :)