Friday, November 5, 2010

October Wrap Up

Well kiddos once again I find myself apologizing for my lack of posts but nonetheless here I am. October has definitely been a fun month-- from birthday’s, to our housewarming, to attending homecoming’s! I wish I had a camera :( (still not sure how it just went m.ia., I’m convinced one of my knuckle head brothers friends took it! sorry I digress) to document all the fun that was had. Let’s start with our Housewarming/ Roomies B-day......
So we finally had our housewarming and it was f-u-n! Thanks to my roommate (Hey Saba!) we had a house full of cool and might I add beautiful ladies; 12 to be exact (I think)! We painted the town red partying from Fri-Sunday. Since parties are over at two in the great state of Texas I just knew I would have to adjust to partying to the wee hours of the morning here in NY (4 am). But truthfully speaking I don’t even notice the difference, well that is until I realize we have to take the train or catch a cab back home, which either way can be a hard task. For example, Saturday night we leave the club only to spend an extra HOUR trying to hail down a cab! Apparently cab drivers don’t like driving to Brooklyn…… Needless to say after countless attempts, street arguments with random guys, numerous cat calls we finally catch one. Not a yellow cab but a gypsy. (Tutorial for my southern folk: So much to my surprise there aren’t just yellow cabs; there are dollar cabs, and gypsy cabs. Guess I would’ve known that had I listened to Jigga in “Empire State of Mind”. The gypsy cabs are usually blk and charge an arm and a leg whereas the dollar cabs charge a dollar depending on how far you go, they usually just run the bus route up and down the street. <---don’t quote me on that) Typically when we go out we get home around 5 or 6 in the a.m. I seriously think I’ve adjusted my sleep pattern, give me 4-5 hours of sleep and I’m good to go! But I must say it does catch up to you, some days I find myself reconsidering my philosophy of “sleeping when I’m dead” sheessh.

(comin' down the street like a parade...Macy's!)

(Stolen Photo's Courtesy of Facebook..hahaha)

So what else…. O yea I also had the chance to check out Howard University’s homecoming. It was def a good time aside from a few moments that I shall not mention! (you know who you are, no not you, but the other you :-p) I defiantly have to say that HBCU’s have a gooood time. Although I’m thankful for the college experience I had; it would have been fun to experience a school such as that with such rich culture and dynamics. Once again I have no pics so use your imagination!Well that’s all for now, its time I recoup from the numerous up till dawn nights and get ready for holiday season…. Texas I shall see you soon ;)

(Not sure of the pose I'm giving here.....)

(Shelbs and J.Cole Before the "incident" lol)

(Stolen Photo's Courtesy of Facebook..hahaha)

Until next time.....


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  1. So glad you're having fun! Stay safe and have much more fun!