Thursday, December 23, 2010

Woooow...I guess this is the December wrap-up?!?

So I log on to write a blogpost, and realize I have not written anything since November 29th!!! So much has happened since then!! Before my trip home for Thanksgiving, I was a little sad. But after going home for a refresher, I was determined to come back to NY with a new attitude!! NY was no longer going to eat my soul. Lol. And since then, things have been better!

Here's a brief synopsis of December (since I prob won't write again until after NYE lol)

Is that?!? Is that?! IT IS!

I met the designer of a jewelry company that I love...DANNIJO! I was kinda on some special agent stuff. I looked up her pic just to make sure it was her before I approached her. Lol.

We met new friends

We've finally found a group of girls to hang out with...who like to have fun just like us!! We're always finding something to get into! Loves these girls--->Aisha, Lenore, Leafi!!

Never turn down an invitation

When I moved to NY, I asked a new friend to give me advice on surviving the city! His advice was to never turn down an invitation because you never know what it can turn into or who you'll meet! I've taken that advice and have had so much fun in the process....

We went to a trunk show in The City! There were so many creative people there. I love to see what other people inspires me! After leaving, we all asked "Where have these people been hanging out?!? These are def the cool kids of NY" lol.

We randomly ended up at a Howard vs Hampton basketball game...only bc someone gave up tickets. Both teams sucked...sorry. Lol.

So a friend told us about a party for The Roots! We get there and end up standing in line OUTSIDE for 1 hour and 45 minutes!!! Once we finally got inside, my whole body was frozen...and I vowed to NEVER do something like that ever again! BUT then...the performance was amazing!!! THE ROOTS came out...and BIZ MARKIE got on the mic beatboxing...and then JOHN LEGEND performed...and then ESTELLE performed...and then PATTI LABELLE performed...and then THE CAST OF FELA performed...and YELAWOLF performed...and a host of others. It was CRAZY! It was way more than I expected!! Needless to say...we all forgot about the cold we endured! Lol.

Next up...NYE!! I'm sure the night will be interesting!!

1 semester down...3 to go!

I finished my 1st semester at FIT and finished my 1st internship! I learned about things that I never knew existed! And got more insight into what it takes to be a jewelry designer! I fared pretty well in the grade all is well! I'm really exited about next semester!

That's all for now...toodles!

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