Wednesday, September 8, 2010

We're still alive...don't worry!

Hey Kiddies!

I know we haven't written about our adventures in a long long time...and I'm pretty tired right now, so I'll give you the super short low down.

-We made our 1/2 cross country tour with no accidents or injuries...we were pretty beasty with the moving truck
-We have an apartment...BROOKLYN STAND UP! Lol. Very funny story here....this will prob be its own post! Lol.
-I started school and am loving it so far...except for the hundreds of dollars being spent on art and metalsmithing supplies (Feel free to throw $1 in the mail. Lol).
-We went to Philly over Labor Day weekend
-We went to the West Indian Parade in Brooklyn...
-Etc Etc Etc

I PROMISE I'll get to a real blog post this weekend!! Don't worry!
Until's our place

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