Sunday, October 3, 2010

Testing, Testing…….Is this thing on???

Well folks what can I say, I definitely have been M.I.A., but with good reason! There is so much to discuss but so little time so let me start with a brief synopsis:

Where Brooklyn at, Where Brooklyn at!

Moved a lil over a month ago and might I say, we were pretty beasty with the moving truck! I’m not going to lie, initially I was apprehensive about driving 24hours half way cross country, let alone driving a huge moving truck in the city, but we got it done and had fun along the way. See pics below we had great video of the experience but I’m unable to get them out of my phone :( but hopefully we can get it figured out cause there is a great video involving a story about a "budget chicken patty" lol.

As you can see our apt has come along quite well! Who knew I would add painter to my list of talents! Our Turq wall is the highlight of our apt and looks great with the zebra painting. Overall I love our apt I mean who doesn’t love a newly renovated brownstone with GREAT rent.

Look Mom no hands!

You aint driving!

Our whole lives were confined to this here truck!

Rollin' like a big shot!

Our Bachelorette Pad! (couldn't get a whole pic but refer to Dani's pic for the Zebra painting)

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs for Bills Bills Bills

Well as many of you may or may not know my biggest fear wasn’t finding a job, but how I'm going to deal with the cold winter weather (still not sure how I’m going to deal, I actually have nightmares about it :-/ but that’s a story for another day).

Any who, God has been on my side and I’ve landed a full time job, last week was my official first week! However, prior to landing the job, I got the opportunity to work Mercedes Benz Fashion Week! This is any Fashion Lover’s dream come true!!!! It was an amazing opportunity, I met some great people and saw some of Fashion’s Finest. The highlight of the week aside from actually sitting 3rd row at Isaac Mizrahi’s show (total out of body experience, drastic I know) was seeing Stylist extraordinaire June Ambrose! I absolutely positively LOVE her. She is the epitome of downtown chic and one of my favorite if not favorite stylists. June if by any chance you should ever read this I LOVE YOU!!! (ok enough of crazed fan syndrome). So yea, things are shaping up pretty good; apt…check, job….check, celebrity sittings…check, now all I need are friends and I’m in the money. (Getting some slowly but surely :))

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

Yours truly after work at Fashion Week

My new friend I met at FW Rouschel

The one and only June Ambrose!

There are tons of things I’m leaving out but this is just to get you guys (notice I didn’t say yall! Fyi: southern friends know northerners say "you guys" instead of "yall" haha) caught up on the pertinent things.

P.s Promise Ima do better with my postings, so stay tuned for one coming right up ;)



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